The Necrofiend is an undead/ghost-type enemy from Final Fantasy XII. It can be found in the Henne Mines, Pharos - Second Ascent, and the Subterra.

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Witness the fate of those whose learned minds were offered up in sacrifice by alchemists performing forbidden rites in pursuit of eternal life. These monstrosities live forever on the border between life and death, neither breathing the sweet air, nor knowing the peace of eternal rest. Though they retain dim memories of their former lives and knowledge, their hearts were sundered long ago, and they are without morality or honor, wholly consumed by jealousy of the living.

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They say that the candle's flame is the shining of a soul. As the life dwindles and fades toward the end of its days, so does the flame flicker, gradually dimming until it disappears in a whiff of smoke. If the flame is the soul, then the smoke is the soul ascending to heaven. So did the candle earn its place in ceremony, and these tallows are called lifewicks.


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In the Henne Mines, inside the Special Charter Shaft area, Necrofiends may spawn when the nearby Hecteyes or Etéms are defeated. At this time the Necrofield will appear and wait for the party to approach.

The Necrofiend is one of the few sources of the rare Lifewick loot, the only other enemy to have it for acquiring being the Evil Spirit, and selling Lifewick x3 is needed to unlock the Durandal at the Bazaar. Once the player has the Warmage, Necrofiends will drop Lifewicks as normal loot.

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Necro- is a Greek prefix meaning "death."

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