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The Nazan Mines area.

This magicite mine has lain dormant for long years. Only creatures of the dark now crawl its passages.

The Nazan Mines are a location from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. They are located on Ordalia in the northeastern most area of Jylland. The Nazan Mines consist mainly of an underground network of caves that contain precious minerals and gems. They are mostly abandoned, but the occasional moogle party from Goug will explore the Mines in search of ancient artifacts and magicite.

Luso Clemens and his clan come here in order to vanquish the Oversoul that has been haunting the dreams of him and other residents of Jylland.


Gorday MineEdit

This magicite mine has been closed for decades. Scores of men once labored to excavate the precious stones.

Gorday CitadelEdit

Built to protect the miners from the beasts of the wild, this fortress was no longer needed when the mines were closed.

Nazan MinesEdit

This mine once yielded all manner of magicite, but was abandoned when the Gorday vein was struck.

Random encounterEdit

  • Spirits of Nazan
The spirits of those who died in the mines. They cling stubbornly to their former lives.
Forbidden: Back Attack

The Skystone LodeEdit

This shaft yielded vast quantities of skystone, much of which found its way to Goug.

The Spellstone LodeEdit

This shaft yielded spellstone of all varieties. Though closed for many years, the mine still sees occasional visits from Akademy scholars.


Tramdine TrailEdit

This trail leads west to Tramdine Fens. Smugglers once used it to traffic magicite from the mines.

Aisenfield HighroadEdit

Laid in the days of the great magicite rush, this road leads southwest to Aisenfield.

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