Final Fantasy XIII-2 Enemy
ランドガレオン (Rando Gareon)
FFXIII enemy Navidon
HP FFXIII-2 Strength Icon FFXIII-2 Magic Icon
195,200 514 893
Stagger Icon FFXIII Chain Icon FFXIII
130% 95
Keep Launch Libra
85 Resistant 30
CP Gil
640 1,306
Fire Icon FFXIII Ice Icon FFXIII Lightning Icon FFXIII
Resistant Absorbed Resistant
Wind Icon FFXIII Physical Icon FFXIII Magical Icon FFXIII
Immune Immune Resistant
Status resistanceThe lower the number, the more suspectible the enemy is to the status.
Deprotect-ffxiii-icon Deshell-ffxiii-icon Slow-ffxiii-icon Poison-ffxiii-icon Imperil-ffxiii-icon
Immune Immune 30% Immune 30%
Curse-ffxiii-icon Pain-ffxiii-icon Fog-ffxiii-icon Debrave-ffxiii-icon Defaith-ffxiii-icon
Immune 50% 30% 30% 30%
Daze-ffxiii-icon Wound Death-ffxiii-icon Dispel-ffxiii-icon Provoke-ffxiii-icon
Immune - - - -
Location The Archylte Steppe -Year Unknown- (Clearwater Marshes - Rainy)
Type Feral Creature
Subtype Armadillon
Recruit Chance 10%
Common Drop Potent Essence (20%)
Rare Drop Ribbon (2%)
Abilities Regenerate Carapace, Icy Breath
Notes - Employs powerful ice-based attacks.
- Capable of restoring HP.
- Physical and magic resistance low when staggered.
- Employs wounding attacks that reduce maximum HP.

The Navidon is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It can be found in the westernmost point of the Archylte Steppe.



It is recommended that a Navidon only be challenged after executing a preemptive strike; this is not only to allow an easy first stagger, but also to ensure the Navidon's defenses will drop to a point where Serah and Noel can deal a significant amount of damage to it as quickly as possible. After the first stagger ends, use Relentless Assault or Cerberus to start refilling the chain gauge, then switch to Tri-disaster to continue filling it as quickly as possible.

Paradigm PackEdit

The Navidon, like the Pulse Gladiator, is a skilled Sentinel, mainly due to its unparalleled resistances. It lacks high HP, having half as much as the Bunkerbeast, but it receives half the total amount of damage or less from all types of enemy attacks and is far easier to heal.

Tameable Monster
Name Navidon Role Sentinel
Traits Well-Grown - Stoic - Icetouch
Composition Biological Start Grade Monster Grade 4
Max Level 40 HP 2,797
Strength 120 Magic 62
ATB Segments 3 Stages 2
Innate Affinities Resist: Ice, Halves: Physical/Magic/Fire/Lightning/Wind
Feral Link Shell Spin (Inflict physical damage on target and nearby foes. Input Type: Multiple)
Ability Type Level Infusible
Challenge Command Initial Y
Vendetta Command Initial Y
Element Guard Command Initial Y
Improved Counter Passive Initial N
Feral Surge Passive 5 N
Entrench Command 12 Y
Improved Counter II Passive 26 N
Deathward Passive 40 Y

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