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Naraku (ナラク, Naraku?) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is located near the eastern borders of the Dominion of Rubrum and the Kingdom of Concordia, in the Dominion sovereign region of Eibon amongst the Strait of Judecca.

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In Gel. X, 251, the Kingdom of Dracobaltia expanded their territory up to the Eibon and Roshana borders closest to the Dominion of Rubrum. Without a want of diplomacy or negotiation, Dracobaltian troops were ordered to raze and destroy any opposition, in name of Dracobaltian conquest. However, despite their headstrong declaration of war, Dominion ranks ultimately attained victory, with Dracobaltia's most glaring weakness being that of disorganization and a lack of cohesive unity.

After having fled Dominion territory in droves, Dracobaltia's lust for dominance and power had no sating in its wake. In answer of their prayers to their nation's Blue Dragon Crystal, having suffered a bitter defeat, the people's wishes were granted, allowing them the fearsome might of commanding wyverns. However, in no less than a year, Dracobaltia proved their disgrace upon their blessings; unsatisfied with the alternate option of contentment, peace, and prosperity, Dracobaltia continued its campaign to covet the Crystals of Orience for their control. Though the fearsome powers of wyvern they had, little if any gratitude and reverence was shown to their new steeds and companions, going as far as thinking of them merely as livestock and warhorses at their disposal.

In the face of such savage cruelty and brutal rule, even the people of Dracobaltia came to be divided and waged civil unrest upon each other. At the height of such inner tensions running strong amongst the people, the Blue Dragon Crystal's power in turn waned, and upon its dimming light that threatened imbalance throughout Orience, rose anew another crystal to take its place: The Azure Dragon Crystal.

With the Blue Dragon Crystal and their followers without its power, those of the Azure Dragon Crystal took reign immediately and cast those of the banner of Dracobaltia down from the sovereign throne. Immediately assigning l'Cie in its wake, and for Dracobaltia's grave atrocities of blasphemy and idolatry in their unruly rise to power marking them cursed, the new Kingdom of Concordia decreed that all of Dracobaltian civilization was to be swept immediately off the face of the Concordian continent, and for those cursed for having eaten the flesh of wyvern in abandon and gluttony to be sealed away into an obscure and slow erasure from history's pages.

To these ends, the Cursemire of Naraku was created: a cylindrical deep vault of hydraulic construction to place every follower of the Dracobaltian banner in its grasp. Upon the curse's effects taking place, the prison was sealed. As an epitaph to remind that those of insatiable greed and lust for vehement forms of power would eventually come to fall in disgrace and abhorrence, all of Dracobaltian civilization was blasted away with crystalline magic, landed to mark Naraku's final measure of punishment.


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Naraku (奈落?) means "hell" in Japanese, mostly refers to the hell in Bhudism. It derives from the Sanskrit naraka.

Naraka (नरक) is the Sanskrit word for the Underworld. According to some schools of Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism, Naraka is a place of torment, or Hell.

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