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FF4 PSP Namingway
When all is said and done, it's what's inside that truly matters. Still, a catchy name never hurt.

Namingway (ネミングウェイ, Neminguwei?) is a recurring non-player character in the Final Fantasy series. An odd creature with rabbit-like features, he often lets the player change the name of something.


Final Fantasy IVEdit


Namingway is a Hummingway, and he appears in various towns around the world, often in the Training Rooms, and in the end even on the Red Moon in a cave full of Hummingways, which is where he originally came from. His purpose is to offer to change the names of various characters throughout the game. Characters can have their names changed multiple times.

Namingway DS Art 2

In the 3D remake, because of the voice-acting, Namingway can no longer change the characters' names. Unable to deal with this anymore, Namingway embarks on a world tour, seeking new meaning to his life. In each town he is encountered in, Namingway gives the player an item or asks a request of them. At one point, he even battles them himself. The full story of Namingway involves him becoming a cartographer, a musician, and an outdoorsman. He eventually begins courting two women, and when he finally chooses one of them to be with, he discovers she is cheating on him. Namingway thus abandons her and meets another woman, whom he marries.

Namingway is also friends with the Fat Chocobo, who takes over the various devices that Namingway gives the player access to. Namingway appears in the following locations. Note that Namingway will not appear in the next location until met in the preceding location and the subquest for that location completed.

In the Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection version, he retains his appearance from the original release of Final Fantasy IV wherein he wears a turban over his head. He also retains his original purpose as the name changer.

Name Location Event Image
Namingway West tower of Baron Castle. Namingway introduces himself and tries to rename Cecil. When this fails, he is horrified and decides to embark on an adventure for a new occupation.
Mappingway Entrance to Mist Cave. Mappingway becomes a cartographer and gives the player the Wayfarer's Map, explains its function, and departs. Mist cave namingway ffiv ios
Livingway House in Kaipo. Livingway has lost his cartographer's tools and is unaware of what to do now. He provides the player with access to the Bestiary. Kaipo namingway ffiv ios
Recordingway Inn in Fabul. Recordingway decides to become a journalist and keep records of important events. He provides the player with access to the Event Theater.
Campingway Any Chocobo Forest. Campingway discovers he loves being outdoors, and becomes an outdoorsman. He offers to buy all the player's Tents for 300 gil.
Jammingway Baron Town weapon shop. Jammingway discovers his inclination for music and becomes a bard. He provides the player with access to the Music Box.
Cheatingway Behind the Inn in Troia. Cheatingway has made plans to date two different women, and requests the player distract one of them while he dates the other. Troia namingway ffiv ios
Puddingway House in Agart. Puddingway has decided on a single woman, who happens to like puddings. He requests a rare Rainbow Pudding from the player. Namingway agart ffiv ios
Mopingway Pub in Dwarven Castle. Mopingway discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him and has broken off the relationship. When Cecil talks to him, he grows angry and attacks, and gives the Eye Gouge augment when defeated.
Lovingway Feymarch Lovingway has met a new woman and is madly in love with her. He asks who the player is seeing, and they must enter a five-character name. Namingway Feymarch ffiv ios
Weddingway Tower of Prayers in Mysidia. Weddingway is now engaged and has come to have the wedding in Mysidia. He gives the player the "????'s Love" augment, with the same name as the one they gave him in the Feymarch.
Hummingway Hummingway Home Hummingway and his bride have come to his home on the moon for their honeymoon. He thanks Cecil for all his help during his travels.
Going-my-Way Random locations Going-my-Way has embarked on a nostalgic journey around the world once again. He gives the player the Safe Travel augment.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

FF4 PSP Challengingway

Namingway appears in various locations around the world at the end of each chapter. Due to being unable to change names, he instead changes his name to Challengingway and gives access to the Challenge Dungeons.

Tradingway appears in the ??? location on the True Moon, and will exchange pieces of Adamantite for any Adamant equipment. He also pops up various times during the game to sell items to the party.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Tetra Master

Location: Desert Palace

Namingway appears on a Tetra Master card. The card can be shown to a man in Daguerreo and he will offer to change the name of one of the party members. It is arguably the rarest card in the game after Ozma, with only two chances to get it. One is found in Kuja's room in Desert Palace (near the teleporter, only after Eiko has been kidnapped).

The other chance is in Treno, during the card tournament. When the player is in control of Vivi, they are given the option of "going home", or staying in Treno. Choosing the latter will give Zidane a different opponent in the card tournament's second round, who holds the Namingway card. It is possible to win more than one Namingway card from him if he uses numerous copies in one hand.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

The great nomenclator Namingway bids you good tidings, sir.
—Namingway to Vaan
Ffxiirw Sahagin

Namingway appears as a Sahagin in the Sky Saloon on the Galbana. When asked, he will change the Galbana's name. During the game's course Namingway will hide amongst various places in the Sky Saloon, usually in an area that partially conceals him.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightEdit

FF4HoL Namingway


Namingway is an non-playable character that lives in a house west of Arbor. When asked, he will change the name of the magic spells the party has obtained.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

Namingway makes a small cameo as a tutor from the in-game manuals.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Namingway allows the player to rename Deci. He can be accessed from the main menu by selecting Profile (プロフィール, purofīru?), then Name Change (名前変更, namae henkou?).



FF4 PSP Namingway Portrait
  • Namingway is the only non-playable character besides Golbez to have a portrait when speaking in the Complete Collection version of Final Fantasy IV.

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