Crystal Defenders Enemy
CD Nagaraja
Gametypes W1
Wave Number Wave 10
HP 1,500 (Bisga Greenlands)
1,125 (Bisga Greenlands Adv)
825 (Orchise Snowfields)
675 (Orchise Snowfields Adv)
980 (Ruins Of Delgantua)
1,260 (Ruins Of Delgantua Adv)
Abilities Steals Multiple Crystals
Resists Physical Attacks (W3)

The Nagaraja is an enemy from Crystal Defenders. The first major enemy encountered, the Nagaraja only comes in a wave of four, but their great HP for this point of the game means a team might be unable to defeat a single one resulting in a loss of eight crystals due to their ability to steal two crystals instead of one. W3 adds the ability Resistant physical attacks.


"Nagaraja" is a Sanskrit word from naga (snake) and raj (king) meaning King of Snakes.