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Intimidates target.
—Description, Final Fantasy XI

Mystify (まどわす, Madowasu?, lit. Deceive), also known as Bully, is a recurring ability in the series, associated to the Thief class.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

XI Bully is one of the Thief's Job Abilities, learnt at Level 93. The ability allows the user to intimidate a target, with a duration of 0:00:30. It can be recast after 0:03:00.

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Damage and paralyze one enemy

Mystify is a special, active ability currently exlusive to Locke. It enables him to deal physical damage (1.3x) with 30% chance of inflicting paralyze to one enemy. It costs 6 MP to execute. Locke learns Mystify ay Level 52, 4★.


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