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Mystic Knight (Final Fantasy V)

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Able to enchant swords, these magical warriors automatically cast Shell when HP is low.

The (Mystic Knight, 魔法剣士?, lit. Mahoukenshi), also known as Sorcerer, is a job in Final Fantasy V obtained after the Water Crystal shatters. Mystic Knight centers around giving elemental or status properties to augment the user's physical abilities, giving physical attackers an edge against any enemy. Mystic Knights surprisingly boasts the second highest Agility in the game, though its Magic Power is slightly higher than the Freelancer.

However, the Mystic Knight's Strength and Stamina suffer quite a bit and are lacking behind other similar jobs such as Knight and Dragoon. The other downside to the Mystic Knight is in order to use any of their abilities, the player must have learned the corresponding spell. For instance, if the player does not have the Flare spell, Mystic Knights will be unable to use Flare Sword.


V Sors

As a Mystic Knight, the character wears clothes similar to warriors from the Middle East, including turbans for the men and masks for the lower face. As usual, Lenna's costume is more revealing, resembling a belly dancer's attire. Krile seems to have a Hindu Tilaka. The male costumes have a resemblance to Minwu from Final Fantasy II.


  • Job Command - Spellblade
  • Innate Abilities - Magic Shell
  • Equipment - Knives, Swords, Shields, Heavy Helmets, Clothes, Heavy Armor, Gauntlets

The Mystic Knight's Spellblade allows the Mystic Knight to charge their sword with a spell. Status Effect charged blades will incur that status 100% of the time as long as the attack connects, and attack-charged blades will do high damage, ignoring Defense to monsters weak to that element (or in Bio, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga and Holy Sword's case, even instantly kill any non-heavy enemy it hits), or just plain high damage in the case of Flare Sword. Even better, the effect lasts until the end of battle. Magic Shell casts Shell automatically on the Mystic Knight when they are in critical condition.

Of note, Spellblade Level 1 will give the character base Freelancer Strength +4 and base Freelancer Magic -9. For each Spellblade level gained, up to level 6, the Strength bonus is increased by 2 per level and the Magic penalty is decreased by -2, for a maximum of +14 Strength and +1 Magic at Spellblade Level 6. Spellblade is part of the well-known combo in Final Fantasy V, utilizing it with Dual Wield and Rapid Fire.

Upon mastery, Freelancers gain a bonus to Strength, Agility, Vitality, and Magic Power, as well as innate Magic Shell without having to equip the ability.

The stat modifiers for Mystic Knights are:

  • Strength: +14
  • Agility: +14
  • Stamina: +14
  • Magic: +1

Level-Up Abilities

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