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Key that opens magically sealed doors.

The Mystic Key (神秘の鍵, Shinpi no Kagi?) is a key item in the original Final Fantasy. Many doors in the early portions of the game require its use. It is given to the Warriors of Light by the Elven Prince of Elfheim after he is awakened from the spell of Astos.

They are then able to use it to recover explosives from Castle Cornelia to give to the dwarves so that they may gain access to Melmond. Other rooms opened by this key generally contain treasure chests with powerful weapons or armor for that point in the game, or large amounts of gil.

Rooms opened by the Mystic Key can be found in Castle Cornelia, the Chaos Shrine, the Western Keep, the Marsh Cave, the Elven Castle, and Mount Duergar.

Treasure requiring the Mystic KeyEdit

Cornelia Castle treasureEdit

Item Location
Cottage Treasure Room
Saber Treasure Room
Mythril Knife Treasure Room
Tent Treasure Room
Cottage Treasure Room
Iron Armor Treasure Room
Nitro Powder Treasure Room

Chaos Shrine (Present) treasureEdit

Item Location
Rune Blade Southeast Corner
Werebuster Northeast Corner
Gold Needle Northeast Corner

Western Keep treasureEdit

Item Location
Falchion Southwest Corner
Power Staff Southwest Corner
Steel Gloves Southwest Corner

Marsh Cave treasureEdit

Item Location
1,020 gil B3
Antidote B3
Silver Armlet B3

Elfheim Castle treasureEdit

Item Location
800 gil Treasure Room
Mythril Hammer Treasure Room
700 gil Treasure Room
Bronze Gloves Treasure Room

Mount Duergar treasureEdit

Item Location
Wyrmkiller Southern Room
Tent Southern Room
Great Helm Southern Room
Ether Southern Room
Cottage Southern Room
Mythril Mail Southern Room
Potion Southern Room
575 gil Southern Room

Non-Final Fantasy appearancesEdit

Captain N: The Game MasterEdit

Captain N - Magic Key

The Mystic Key is referred to as the Magic Key in the episode. It is stated that the Magic Key was found on the sleeping Prince.


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