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FFLII Mutant Male and Female

Artwork of Male and Female Mutants in Final Fantasy Legend II.

Mutant (エスパー, Esupā?, lit. Esper) is one of the main character types or classes in Final Fantasy Legend series.


The Final Fantasy LegendEdit

FFL The mutant will improve at the end of nearly every battle. While the player can influence how the mutant improves, it is mostly random. And while the mutant nearly always gets more powerful, it is also possible to lose very powerful abilities. For this reason, if the player have any mutants in the party, they must save the game after every fight, unless they lose a good ability, in which case they should reset the game and reload by using the Soft reset to resets the game quickly.

This is a list of the skills that a Mutant can learn. See enemy abilities for more specific information about each individual abilities.

Attacks Passive Abilities
  • Flame
  • Ice
  • Thunder
  • Gas
  • Leech
  • P-Blast
  • Quake
  • Flare
  • Heal
  • Hypnos
  • Electro
  • Stench
  • Kinesis
  • Gaze
  • D-Gaze
  • S-Gaze
  • Sl-Gaze
  • P-Fang
  • Power
  • Armor
  • Mirror
  • Barrier
  • Burning
  • P-Skin
  • FFLII ResistanceChange
  • FFLII ResistanceFire
  • FFLII ResistanceIce
  • FFLII WeaknessFire
  • FFLII WeaknessIce
  • ESP
  • Foreseen
  • Warning

Final Fantasy Legend IIEdit

FFL2 The basic system of growth for mutants is equivalent to that for humans, but the rate of growth is a little slower. However, they possess a higher level of MP and can acquire various special skills by fighting battles. Mutants can possess up to eight items, of which a maximum of four can be special skills that can be acquired.

Mutants can acquire these skills if there is room in their inventory. Mutants can learn up to a maximum of four abilities, and if their capacity is full. The newly acquired ability is exchanged with the last one on the list. It's best to let them become powerful by using a lot of abilities and upgrade their MP. It's also a good idea not to give them too many weapons since they acquire several different abilities as they become more powerful.

The Conjurer line of minor enemies may be Mutants: similar to Human and Robot enemies, they do not drop meat and are not available for Monster transformation, ergo they are not Monsters, while they favor spell books and staves like Mutants. These magical powers make them formidable foes if the player has not secured elemental resistances. There are no notable Mutant bosses.

This is a list of the skills that a Mutant can learn. See enemy abilities for more specific information about each individual abilities.

Attacks Passive Abilities
  • Blitz
  • Blizzard (Starting Male only)
  • Charm
  • Cure
  • Fire
  • Flame (Starting Female only)
  • Flare
  • Explode
  • Gaze
  • Heal
  • Hypno
  • Ice
  • Mirror
  • P-Blast
  • Steal
  • StonGaze
  • Stonskin
  • Teleport
  • Touch
  • Thunder
  • FFLII ResistanceAll
  • FFLII ResistanceChange
  • FFLII ResistanceQuake
  • FFLII ResistanceDamage
  • FFLII ResistanceWeapon
  • FFLII ResistanceStone
  • FFLII ResistancePara
  • FFLII ResistancePoison
  • FFLII WeaknessFire
  • FFLII WeaknessIce
  • FFLII WeaknessThunder
  • Recover
  • Surprise
  • Warning

Final Fantasy Legend IIIEdit


Mutants and Humans together represent the center of the transformation sequence: if they eat Meat, they will become a Beast. If they install parts, they will become a Cyborg. They can only revert to their default selves by using the Talon's Flushex Unit, once it's been found. All the guest characters are Humans and Mutants, but as guest characters cannot level or transform, the difference is largely moot, Faye has Magic rivaling the party's Mutants when she first joins the party.

Mutants are the magic specialists, and are as versatile as their magic inventory increases. Optimize spell damage by targeting the enemy's elemental weaknesses and avoiding their strengths. They can do decent weapon damage by using weapons with mutant bonuses.

Other appearancesEdit

SaGa Compilation Trading Card GameEdit

The Male and Female Mutants from The Final Fantasy Legend makes an appearance as a card in the card game.



Mutants are called Espers in the Japanese version. In fiction, an esper (stylized as ESPer) is an individual capable of telepathy and other similar paranormal abilities. The term was apparently coined in this sense by Alfred Bester in his 1950 short story "Oddy and Id" and is derived from the abbreviation ESP for extrasensory perception.