The musicians are characters from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. They are spirits of Macalania Woods.

There are three known types: avian (Borra, Bayra), frog (Daraya, Donga), and mouse (Pukara, Pukutak). The musicians' existence coincides with that of the woods. They may have an affinity for music as the spirits met belong to Borra's band. They have an ear for prophecy as witnessed on their talks to Yuna about the fading woods and mention of the state of the Farplane.


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Final Fantasy XEdit

Musicians at luca

The Musicians perform in Luca.

The musicians make an appearance at the port of Luca when Grand Maester Mika and Maester Seymour arrive in the city.

They can be seen in Sphere Theater later in the game.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Musicians Guadosalam

The Guado brought the Musicians back to their original home, Guadosalam.

The musicians begin to vanish along with the woods unless YRP completes the mission to save the Guado, in which case Tromell takes the musicians to Guadosalam. Tobli also employs the musicians to play in his show. Brother picks up some of the musicians who play in an impromptu concert aboard the Celsius.

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