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"Music Box" (想い出のオルゴール, Omoide no Orugōru?, lit. Music Box of Memories) is a theme in Final Fantasy V. It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

Game appearances Edit

Final Fantasy V Edit

"Music Box" plays in Lix when Bartz plays his mother's music box at his former house.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

"Music Box" plays from within each of the four rooms of the Hall of Rites in a continuous loop.

Arrangement album appearances Edit

Piano Collections: Final Fantasy V Edit

A solo piano arrangement of "Music Box" by Shirou Satou is included on this album as its tenth track.

Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends Edit

An arrangement of "Music Box", is included on this album as its thirteenth track. It features high-quality synthesized sounds mixed with live flute and bagpipes.

Final Fantasy: Pray Edit

"Mon P'tit Chat", meaning "My Little Cat", is a vocal arrangement of the tune "Music Box", featured in the music album Final Fantasy: Pray. It is sung in French.

Lyrics Edit

French Edit
Un petit garçon, bien sage,
Aurait bien voulu savoir,
Comme tout enfant de son âge
Comment rencontrer la fée.
Celle des livres d'images
Qui punit tous les méchants.
Ou bien la fée des voyages
Qui protège les pauvres gens.
Pourvu qu'il rencontre une fée,
Il lui dirait:
"Madame, pouvez-vous m'aider
A retrouver et ramener mon p'tit chat?"
English translation Edit
A good little boy
Would have really liked to know
As would all children his age
How to meet a fairy.
The one from picture books,
Who punishes all the evildoers,
Or the fairy of travels,
Who protects the pitiful.
If he were to meet a fairy,
He'd ask her:
"Ma'am, could you help me
Find and bring back my little cat?"

Compilation album appearances Edit

Potion: Relaxin' with Final Fantasy Edit

The Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends version of "Music Box" was included in this compilation as its twelfth track.

Merchandise Edit

Final Fantasy V Music Box by Squaresoft 1992

Music Box merchandise.

An actual music box was released in 1992 by Square that plays this melody. The merchandise was only available in Japan. The music box is a wooden box that says "Final Fantasy V" on the cover in gold letters, and has the theme's notes on the inside of the lid.