The Mushroom Cloud is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2

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It is the most dangerous of the Fungus group, as it can inflict multiple status ailments, including Petrify, with its Pernicious Powder, which it uses as a counterattack whenever taking damage. It is one of the few enemies in the game who has access to Ultima, albeit less potent than other enemies. This is likely why it's called Mushroom Cloud.

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Without Ribbon-granting accessories or an offensive initiative, engaging this fiend might be dangerous. Fire-elemental attacks and a Dark Knight's Darkness attack are effective for dispatching this fiend.

Creature Creator Edit

When the team captures Mushroom Cloud in the International and HD Remaster versions via a Trap Pod S set up at Bevelle after the Gullwings discover Via Infinito with the Kinderguardians, it comes equipped with its Pernicious Powder and Cure.

Its strongest area is within Magic, also having moderate Accuracy, Magic Defense, and Strength, but its Defense, Luck, and Agility are lackluster, with its Evasion being nearly nonexistent.

Fiend Tale Edit

A notable Mushroom Cloud was created from a mushroom who grew tired of being rejected by children, asking Yuna's help to make eating fungus acceptable. When Yuna turns him down, Mushroom Cloud consideres killing the Gullwings before finding closure when he is eaten by Brother.

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A mushroom cloud is a distinctive pyrocumulus mushroom-shaped cloud of condensed water vapor or debris resulting from a massive explosion.

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