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Clan Belmia in Muscadet.

Mainly viera town hidden deep in the woods

Muscadet (隠れ里ミュスカデ, Kakurezato Myusukade?, lit. Isolated Village Muscadet) is a mostly viera town in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It is a town built above ground within the cover of the trees. It is also the location where the Clan Brown Rabbits, the third clan fought in the Clan League, spawns.


Spina LodgeEdit

The local tavern where guests would flock at night to listen to the trichord.

Ellen's PlaceEdit

The item shop, owned by the flirtatious viera, Ellen. Gives good deals on greatswords.


A battle occurs here between Marche Radiuju and forces sent to arrest him in Mission #015: Scouring Time. As a Judge attempts to arrest an innocent moogle for no reason, Marche intervenes and causes the Judge to call in several palace guards to accost him.

After Marche is victorious, Judgemaster Cid and Babus Swain arrive and take him to the Sprohm prison. There, the Judgemaster attempts to interrogate Marche, but the portal opens to the domain of the viera Totema Exodus. The other mission that occurs in Muscadet is Mission #039: The Wanderer. Muscadet can be freed in Mission #082: Free Muscadet! after the "Weird Minstrel" rumor is read at a pub.


  • Mission #015: Scouring Time

By Order of Her Majesty Queen Remedi we will be searching each town for the boy wanted by the palace. Bervenia Palace & Judges

  • Mission #039: The Wanderer

The body of a viera was found last night with several knife wounds. Anyone with information should contact us. Meiral, Palace Guard

  • Mission #082: Free Muscadet!

Some Clan Borzoi leftovers have turned up in the town of Muscadet. Help us beat some sense into them! Muscadet Town Watch

Clan EncounterEdit

Clan BelmiaEdit

This clan prefers to work indoors. Easily angered when outside. Best to avoid.
  • Assassin (viera)
  • Thief (human)
  • Sniper (viera)
  • Ninja (human)
  • Gunner (moogle)


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