Mullonde, also known as Murond Holy Place (聖地ミュロンド, Seichi Myurondo?), is a location in Final Fantasy Tactics. It is the headquarters of the Church of Glabados, and the residence of the High Confessor, Marcel Funebris. The High Confessor is confronted here by the three Knights Templar, Folmarv, Cletienne, and Loffrey, who want to know the location of the portal into Necrohol of Mullonde.

History Edit

Much of Mullonde's history is recorded in the Scriptures of Germonique. In an unrecorded time long before the birth of Ajora Glabados, Mullonde was one of the seven kingdoms in Ivalice ruled by a young king. The young king attempted to unify all kingdoms by all means necessary - including using dark magicks. In his last bid for power, he summoned a demon that killed him upon release.

1,200 years before the game's plot, at the time of Ajora Glabados, Mullonde was the center of Pharist teachings and a realm under the Holy Ydoran Empire. A terrible cataclysm struck the holy city when the Empire executed Ajora and the land sunk into the sea.

Story Edit

Ramza Beoulve fights his way to Mullonde Holy Place to save his sister Alma, who is under captive of the Knights Templar. He is forced to hand over the Scriptures of Germonique and the Zodiac Stones he possessed. Betrayed by the knights after handing them the scriptures, Ramza heads off to a room with a large coffin, where he fights against an undead Zalbaag.

With the last vestige opposed, Ramza heads to the innermost sanctuary, where he encounters a dying Marcel Funebris, who manages to leave him a clue to the Knights Templar whereabouts: Orbonne Monastery.

In the epilogue, the Mullonde Holy Place becomes the hiding place for the Durai Papers after being confiscated by the Church.