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This enemy looks like a bear, but watch out or he'll steal your GP and run away, if you aren't careful.
Final Fantasy VI PlayStation Bestiary entry

The Mugbear is an enemy in Final Fantasy VI.


Final Fantasy VI enemy stats
#147#148 (GBA) #149
#172 #173 (iOS) #174
Names Location Type Other information
SNES: Ursus
PS: Ursus
GBA: Mugbear
iOS: Mugbear
Mt. Zozo (GBA)
Mt. Zozo (SNES)
None Delivers Critical Hits when in Imp status.
Level HP MP Attack Magic
34 2,409 74 15 10
Defense Magic Defense Magic Evasion Speed Hit Rate
0 140 0 34 100
Evasion EXP Gil
110 882 2,000
Elemental affinities
Fire-icon-ffvi Ice-icon-ffvi Lightning-icon-ffvi Poison-icon-ffvi Holy-icon-ffvi
200% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Earth-icon-ffvi Wind-icon-ffvi Water-icon-ffvi Restorative Instant Death
100% 100% 100% -100%Absorbs 100%
Statuses and immunities
Blind Zombie Poison Magitek Invisible Imp Petrify Death Doom Critical
- Immune Immune Immune Immune - - - - -
Image Silence Berserk Confuse Sap Sleep Float Regen Slow Haste
- Immune - Immune - - - - - -
Stop Shell Protect Reflect Meteor Strike Libra Sketch Control Fractional Invincible
- - - - - - - - - -
Steal Item dropped Metamorphose
(Miss rate: 28.6%)
[12.5%Applies when successful; success based on users' level, doubles with Thief's Bracer.] Thief's Bracer
None [Slot 1 (25%)]Dried Meat
[Slot 2 (25%)]Dried Meat
[Slot 3 (25%)]Dried Meat
[Slot 4 (25%)]Dried Meat
Morph ID: 2
Attack Abilities Rage Sketch Control & Confuse (Immune)
Normal Attack: Dragon Claws
Special Attack: Neck Scratch (Level 1 = Attack x 1.5)
Steal Attack, Net Attack, Fira Attack, Neck Scratch


It does not attack offensively, but rather attempts to steal gil from the party, as its name implies. Once it successfully steals, it escapes on its next turn, taking the gil with it. As with most enemies in Mt. Zozo they have high Evasion, so (if playing the GBA port; see below) magical attacks are advised, particularly Fira. Dispatching them before they can flee will earn back any gil they stole at the end of the battle.

Because of the Evade bug in all versions of Final Fantasy VI apart from the GBA port, Mugbears were much easier to dispatch than intended.

AI scriptEdit

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Steal (66%)
2nd Turn:
Target: Self

Flee (100%)

If attacked by anything: Steal (33%)

Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit


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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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"Mugbear" derives from the words "mug" and "bear". This refers to the enemy's ability to steal from the party. It also serves as a pun on the word "bugbear", a mythological monster.

Ursus is Latin for "bear".

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