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The Mu (ムー, ?) is a recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy series. While its appearance differs with each title, Mu are generally depicted as rodent-like creatures.


Final Fantasy VIEdit

Rhodox Mu-ffvi-ios

Mus are rather weak enemies, encountered around the South Figaro and Nikeah areas. The Peeper enemies, fought in the World of Ruin on the solitary island, are also extremely weak, and die without having to do anything.

The slightly stronger Knotty, fought in Yeti's Cave, are only mere nuisances, as they can inflict Imp on a party member, but are also rather weak. However, Mus have a very powerful Rage called Snare which instantly kills an enemy monster, but fails on enemies immune to instant death and those that float; on the plus side, it works on undead enemies.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Mu FF7

Mus are encountered in the Chocobo Farm area, where the player can learn the Enemy Skill L4 Suicide. They are generally very weak enemies otherwise, as the most damage they can do is around 150-200, which is easily healed from, and they even sometimes heal a party member with Hot Springs or add 10 Gil to the Gil counter after battle whenever they use Gold Mountain. A slightly stronger version, the Trickplay, is found around the Bone Village area, but fights the exact same way as the Mu.

Final Fantasy IXEdit


The Mu enemy is once again an extremely weak enemy. It is fought around the Guinitas Basin, and is also an enemy during the Festival of the Hunt. It is of no threat to the party. There is also a friendly version of the Mu, which is part of the Friendly Enemies sidequest.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit


In Final Fantasy XII, the Mu is part of the Dreamhare family of enemies. They are encountered in the Feywood.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Mus are mentioned the Brain Blast minigame in Academia even though they do not appear in the game. It is revealed that the Sanctum decided against creating bioweapons out of mus because they would not be taken seriously by enemy soldiers.

Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesEdit

Ffcc mu

Mus are easily some of the very weakest monsters in Crystal Chronicles. They dig out of the ground at any given moment, then attack you. They attack by swiping at you, then running away for a moment, then coming back and swiping at you again. Snow Mus and lava Mus are just the same, except slightly stronger and they are weak against Fire and Blizzard, respectively.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesEdit

Mu ffccrof

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a KingEdit

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

Mu ffcc echoes of time DS

Mus are identical to their appearance in Ring of Fates, being some of the weakest enemies in the game. They pop up from underground, attempting to stun player characters.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a DarklordEdit

Ffcc-mlaad monster mu

Mus are the first generic monster that the player is able to use without the use of DLC. These Mus are identical to those in Crystal Chronicles. While they're the weakest monster in the game, they're also the fastest.


[view  · edit  · purge]Mu is the name of a fictional continent that was once believed to have existed in one of Earth's oceans, but disappeared at the dawn of human history.

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