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Mt Corel railway2

Mt. Corel.

Mt. Corel is a location in Final Fantasy VII. It is a mountain that divides the area around Costa del Sol from the rest of the Western Continent. The town of North Corel is located just at the foot of the mountain. There is also a Mako Reactor on the mountain. The mountain can be traveled via long abandoned stretches of an abandoned railroad system.

Cloud Strife and his party cross the mountain during their search for Sephiroth. Later Shinra Electric Power Company tries to transport a Huge Materia out of the Mt. Corel Reactor, only to have their train captured by Cloud's party, now temporarily led by Cid Highwind. Depending on the player's actions, the town of North Corel can be saved or destroyed.

Mt. Corel is also seen in a flashback sequence when Barret tells the story how he lost his friend Dyne and what happened to his home town.



Mountain Road
Road to the Reactor

Corel ReactorEdit


Railway Support



FFVII Pitfall

Falling into a pitfall on the tracks.

Throughout the rail bridges there are various holes in the structure. The player will instantly fall over the holes the first time they step on them. Holding down Circle-button and the right direction during the fall, players may find an item while climbing back up.

The Wizard Staff as the player falls hold Circle-button and left, and the Star Pendant as the player falls hold Circle-button and right.

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Cokatolis NestEdit

Bird nest ff7

Nest has 10 Phoenix Downs.

The player can find a bird nest by climbing up the side of a railway track after crossing the upper bridge where bird sounds are heard, and choose to "Take the damn treasure" or "Leave it where it is". If the player chooses to take the treasure, they have to fight a Cokatolis and then receive 10 Phoenix Downs. Choosing not to means these items are lost forever.

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Stopping the trainEdit

On disc 2, Cid Highwind and his party come to North Corel to stop Shinra from transporting the Huge Materia from the Mako Reactor to the town of North Corel. Cid must catch the Shinra train within a time limit. At first, the player must pursue the train by alternating between the levers and after catching up up, Cid jumps over to Shinra's train. Each wagon is defended by a fixed enemy encounter (see Enemy Formations section). After making it to the front of the train the player must stop the train by entering a button combination three times.

Upon arriving at North Corel, depending on how well the player performed different outcomes are possible:

  • If the train was stopped the player receives the Huge Materia and the Ultima Materia for free.
  • If the player caught the Shinra train, but failed to stop it they won't receive the Huge Materia and must pay 50,000 gil for the Ultima Materia.
  • If the player didn't catch the Shinra train, the Huge Materia and Ultima Materia are both lost.

After the events the player can rest in the inn and and go into the building on the left, speak to the woman with the green hat and to get Barret's final Limit Break, Catastrophe.


On the train tracks themselves the player can find:

In a cave to the left of the screen that is right before entering the screen to the rope bridge, the player can find the following items:

Near the Mako Reactor the player can battle Bagnadranas and steal the Diamond Pin weapon for Red XIII and morph them into Guard Sources, rare items that raise a character's Vitality stat.

Enemy formationsEdit

Entrance (1st and 2nd Screen)Edit


Mt. Corel battle background.

Corel ReactorEdit


Corel Reactor battle background.

Bridge StartEdit


Mr. Corel battle background.

Rollercoaster TracksEdit


Mt. Corel battle background.

Waterside TracksEdit


Mt. Corel battle background.

Final BridgeEdit

Coal TrainEdit


Coal Train battle background.

Musical ThemesEdit

"Dear to the Heart" from Final Fantasy VII
FFVII - Dear to the Heart
Trouble with the audio sample?

Unlike most areas that enemies frequent, the background music of Mt. Corel is "Dear to the Heart" (想いを胸に, Omoi o Mune Ni?).



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