The Mover is an enemy from Final Fantasy IX. It appears in threes and has unique death behavior compared to other enemies in the game.






Movers are exceptionally dangerous when all three are present, as they can align into a formation that triggers the lethal Delta Attack spell. Destroying at least one of the Movers will eliminate this threat.

For some reason, Movers can't die from a White Magic spell, an item or a Mug: their AI specifically prevents it by setting their HP to 1 (or one more than their death threshold to be accurate). Two movers can't die together (they can all die together, but not just two of them). Using a spell that should kill exactly two Movers, will kill only one, while the other's HP is set to the threshold. Any attack after that will kill it, even a 0-damage Minus Strike.

Reflected spells also can't kill Movers unless they die together, because the death of one Mover is actually a counter, and it is not possible to counter a counter.

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Tetra Master
Location: Treno, Card Stadium

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