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XI Movalpolos is a subterranean region in Final Fantasy XI. It is a Moblin city that primarily lies beneath southern Quon. Some of its tunnels extend at least as far as the Sea of Shu'Meyo at the northeastern corner of the continent. The locations of the Moblins' residences are constantly shifting as they press deeper into Vana'diel's crust.


This area is subject to conquest.


  • Copper Ore
  • Coral Fungus
  • Danceshroom
  • Kopparnickel Ore
  • Movalpolos Water


Oldton MovalpolosEdit


Oldton Movalpolos is the shallowest section of the Moblins' excavation. Connected to North Gustaberg in the west and the Gusgen Mines to the north, Oldton winds through a series of abyssal caverns toward its creators' more recent projects. Many conventional Goblins visit this area to collaborate with their Moblin cousins.

Newton MovalpolosEdit


Newton Movalpolos contains the tunnels and scaffolding that comprise the eastern half of the city. It is home to most of the Moblins and their Bugbear servants. Passage through Newton is limited by revolving gates. Visitors must deposit firesand—essentially gunpowder—in furnaces to temporarily shift these obstacles and open their paths.

Mine Shaft No. 2716Edit


Mine Shaft No. 2716 is the deepest passage that Moblins have established. Having navigated the gates of Newton or bartered assistance from locals, one may arrive here in search of forgotten depths. The shaft's exploratory value is frequently overshadowed by its use as a battleground, however.

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