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RoF-Mt Vaal

Mount Vaal.

Mount Vaal is a location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. It is the third and fourth dungeon and introduces the concept of Tribe abilities with the Yuke.


On Mount Vaal, Alhanalem, with Yuri and Chelinka, search for unusual plants which look like Moogles and bloom on the mountain. At the summit of the mountain, they find a Large Moogle plant, however a Zu appears and attacks them. After they defeating the Zu, they return to Villa.

After the the death of their father, Yuri and Chelinka search for Alhanalem,and when they revisit Mount Vaal they find him trapped in a red crystal. By destroying the crystal, Al is freed and tells the twins that he will accompany them.

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Note: An item with a * is one-time only.

First Trip (Story Mode and Multiplay Mode)Edit

Normal Mode
  • Moogle Stamp (S)*
  • HP Boost*
  • Steel Weapon Recipe
  • Green Headwear Recipe
  • Red Headwear Recipe
  • Blue Headwear Recipe
  • Not Hot Outfit Recipe
  • Not Cold Outfit Recipe
Hard Mode
  • Moogle Stamp (X)*
  • HP Boost*
  • 300 gil
  • 400 gil
  • Amethyst
  • Battle Helmet Scroll
  • Battle Uniform Scroll
  • Citrine
  • Copper
  • Copper Shard
  • Enchanted Cloak Scroll
  • Enchanted Hat Scroll
  • Heavenly Ore Scroll
  • Heavenly Specks Scroll
  • Holy Orb
  • Iron
  • Magic Stone
  • Mercy Headwear Scroll
  • Mercy Raiment Scroll
  • Mythril
  • Noble's Weapon Scroll
  • Petite Amethyst
  • Petite Citrine
  • Petite Emerald
  • Petite Ruby
  • Petite Sapphire
  • Orichalcum
  • Refined Copper Scroll
  • Seraph Dust
  • Silver
  • Soft Cloth Scroll
  • Steel
  • Steel Cloth Scroll
  • Supple Leather Scroll
  • White Dust
  • White Marble Scroll

Second Trip (Story Mode Only)Edit

Normal Mode
  • Moogle Stamp (K)*
  • HP Boost*
  • SP Boost*
  • Stylish Weapon Recipe
  • Iron Helmet Recipe
  • Iron Harness Recipe
Hard Mode
  • Moogle Stamp (O)*
  • HP Boost*
  • Exorcist's Weapon Recipe
  • Safety Helmet Recipe
  • Dracolord Helm Recipe
  • Dracolord Armor Recipe
  • Cursed Card Recipe