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Mount Jubanla.

According to my intel, beyond the Northern Corridor lies an enormous volcano constantly spewing smoke and lava. The interior is a sweltering inferno that quite literally melts the life right out of one's body.
—Dominion Tribune in Corsi

Mount Jubanla (ユハンラ火山, Yuhanra Kazan?) is a location in Final Fantasy Type-0. Located in the Jubanla Region of Orience, the volcanic mountain towers over the horizon and its heat makes the air ripple. The cadets can traverse the mountainside to find a cave leading inside. The place can first be visited in Chapter 5 when Northern Corridor opens a route between Northern Togoreth Region and Jubanla Region, but the cadets are likely too low a level to yet be able to tackle it.



Map of the Mountain with enumerated floors


  • 1st floor: Mount Jubanla Entrance
  • 2nd floor: Balbufet Lavabeds
  • 3rd floor: Molten Trail
  • 4th floor: Igneous Grotto
  • 5th floor: Western Cauldron
  • 6th floor: Igneous Grotto
  • 7th floor: Barbunet Lavabeds
  • 8th floor: Molten Trail
  • 9th floor: Eastern Cauldron
  • 10th floor: Eastern Smaughead
  • 11th floor: Western Smaughead


Droprates refer to chest loot.


  • Knowing Tags can be picked up in Balbufet Lavabeds, Western Cauldron, Barbunet Lavabeds areas


Monster SpoilEdit

  • Fire Shard (6 pieces) — 5th floor (31,2%) and 7th floor (31,2%)
  • Fire Shard (8 pieces) — 5th floor (12,5%) and 7th floor (12,5%)

Key ItemsEdit

Key Items can only be obtained once per playthrough.


Enemy Level: 67