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Mount Bervenia

A typical battle in Mount Bervenia.

The largest active volcano in Ivalice. Molten lava flows down its surface, white ash and smoke darken the sky.

Mount Bervenia, also known as Bervenia Volcano (ベルベニア活火山, Berubenia-katsukazan?) is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is the largest active volcano in Ivalice and located southeast of Riovanes Castle, but it holds no storyline battles.

The party can find Cloud's Materia Blade atop the mountain after the Final Fantasy VII hero joins the party. The blade is located atop the tall pillar and the player must ensure the Treasure Hunter ability (also known as Move-Find Item) is set and that the character searching for it has sufficient jumping height to reach the top.

In Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, a volcano named Roda Volcano is located in the Bervenia region and may be a past version of Mount Bervenia.

Battle information Edit

Mount Bervenia Edit

Random Battle at Mount Bervenia
Bervenia Volcano 1
Bervenia Volcano 3
Bervenia Volcano 2
Bervenia Volcano 4
Bervenia Volcano OH
Possible enemies Terrain Basalt, Lava
Geomancy Tremor, Magma Surge
Hidden items

Trivia Edit

  • Mount Bervenia is the only location that has the lava terrain.
  • Mount Bervenia has a treasure that can never be obtained, as the treasure is located on a tile that is lava: in order to stand there, the character would have to equip either Levitate or Lavawalking, which prevent the character from equipping Treasure Hunter. The treasure, however, is only a Flameburst Bomb and an X-Potion.

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