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Cloud motorcycle

Cloud Strife on the Hardy-Daytona in Final Fantasy VII.

Motorcycles and Hoverbikes are a mode of transportation that appear primarily in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, but also make appearances in several other games. Functionality wise, they operate roughly the same as real-world motorcycles. However, their design is radically different, and in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, they are also capable of maneuvering in ways no real motorcycle possibly could.


Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Main article: Hardy-Daytona

Cloud Strife rides a motorcycle out of the Shinra Headquarters in order to escape the building. This leads into a minigame in which Cloud must ride the motorcycle behind a pick-up truck carrying the other party members, while Cloud uses his sword to attack pursuing Shinra troops on their motorcycles. The motorcycle minigame when escaping Midgar was the first idea for a minigame in Final Fantasy VII.[1]

There is actually a simple trick to avoid being hit; only the orange enemy motorcyclist seem to attack always, the red enemy motorcyclist stop attacking if Cloud is continually slashing with his sword, even if he is only slashing air.

The easy strategy is to kill the orange motorcyclists and leave the red ones, and then continually press the attack button and the enemy motorcyclists will stop attacking the car. This minigame can later be replayed at the Gold Saucer, where GP and a Speed Source are awarded for a high enough score.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenEdit


The Remnants of Sephiroth on their motorcycles.

Main article: Fenrir (Motorcycle)

Cloud's motorcycle in the film is the Fenrir, which is drastically different from his motorcycle in the game. The Fenrir's wheels are much wider than a normal motorcycle's, allowing it to remain upright even without a rider. It also has a series of retractable compartments in the front that Cloud stores the Fusion Swords in. Cloud's acquisition of the bike is covered in On the Way to a Smile, in which he trades for it to help with his deliveries, agreeing to the unspecified original owner to give them free food and drink for a lifetime at Tifa's bar.

The Remnants of Sephiroth also ride motorcycles, although their design is quite different from the Fenrir. The unnamed motorcycle model is distinguished by three large pipes that emerge over the rear wheel and a series of other pipes that cover the vehicle otherwise, although they are not exhaust pipes and are merely aesthetics. Designer Takayuki Takeya has said he designed their motorcycles "without a face", which gave them character, and admitted he "never really thought about what made [it] move. If I did, I'd be stuck thinking about it all day". In a scene in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, it is also shown that some type of rapid-fire guns are mounted on the sides of the wheel on the motorcycles' front.

Cloud's motorcycle, like the others in the film, is also able to maneuver in an unrealistic fashion - in one scene, Cloud, Loz, and Yazoo loop and turn around each other effortlessly, sliding and even riding backwards at times, in ways no real motorcycle possibly could without sustaining severe damage. Cloud destroys one of the motorcycles during the film's climactic moments, and a second is blown up by the Turks. The motorcycle belonging to Kadaj is unaccounted for, as he abandons it before fighting Cloud one last time.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Cloud rides the Fenrir during the Battle of Midgar, and other motorcycles are used by the World Regenesis Organization. Hover bikes are ridden by enemies called Pegasus Riders.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, there are two motorcycles: the same Hardy-Daytona seen in Final Fantasy VII, and an unnamed model with a sidecar, the latter of which Zack uses to transport a catatonic Cloud.

Final Fantasy VII G-BikeEdit

FF7GB Cloud Brake

Cloud rides a motorcycle.

In G-Bike, the motorcycle is at the forefront of the game. The player can chose which motorcycles they use, and customize them with Materia.

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Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Galbadian soldiers ride motorcycles in the Battle of the Gardens, driving them off ramps to launch onto Balamb Garden. To assist them, the Galbadian motorcycles have rockets strapped to their rear wheels to help propel them. The ramps which they drive off likely have some method of launching system as well.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Although technically not a motorcycle, a similar vehicle called a hoverbike was used by Balthier, Fran, and Vaan to make their getaway from the Royal Palace of Rabanastre. As it was disabled by a stolen piece of Goddess's Magicite, the engine gave out and stranded them in the Garamsythe Waterway.

A hoverbike is also featured in a promotional artwork of Balthier, Ashe, and Fran.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

The Shiva sisters Stiria and Nix, in addition to being summoned into battle, can combine into a motorcycle which Snow rides. The motorcycle can perform various attacks, including Shiva's trademark attack, Diamond Dust.

Hoverbikes also feature as a common means of transportation throughout Cocoon, and are capable of flight. In Eden, the party make their landing on a hoverbike racetrack, disrupting the ongoing race.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

The Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega reveals scrapped plans for an extension to Snow's DLC Scenario episode entitled "Perpetual Battlefield". Alongside the existing part of the episode in the Coliseum, there would have a separate minigame in which players would play as Snow as he rode through the Archylte Steppe on his motorcycle and the player's objective would have been to try and kill 30 monsters using Snow's skillset—which included being able to spin, drift, jump and use a water-based spell. However, once this part of the DLC was scrapped, this minigame was used as a base for the Chocobo Racing minigame in Serendipity.[2]

The Final Fantasy LegendEdit

FFL Hoverbike

The Hoverbike is only usable and available while on the World of Ruins. It is acquired in Southwest Town when So-Cho lends the party his hoverbike since it'll help them avoid Su-Zaku's attack.



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