FFLTNS Mother Brain Artwork

Mother Brain's promotional artwork.*Artwork (Rank 8)

Mother Brain (マザーブレーン, Mazā Burēn?) is a light-elemental summon in Final Fantasy Legends II. It can be obtained through the game's summon drawing shop. The summon is based on the Mother Brain boss from the Super Nintendo game Chrono Trigger, with its command ability and summon attack being borrowed from its original appearance.

Mother Brain's special attack is Grade Up, which deals light-elemental damage to all enemies. It also bestows the regen status for three turns and cures poison, silence, and blind for the party. Summoning Mother Brain costs 1 point from the Consumption Gauge. The summon is an SS+ rank phantom stone and has a cost of 20 to equip to a character.

Mother Brain's artwork was done by freelance artist Moryo.



Mother Brain allows the wielder to use the following abilities depending on the summon's rank:

  • Reprograming Z
  • Reprograming X
  • Reprograming Ω

Upgrading statsEdit

Rank Maximum Level Phantom Stone Cost Max HP Max MP Max Attack Max Magic Max Speed Components Needed
5★ 60 20 972 143 41 196 44 None
7★ 70 20 ? ? ? ? ? ?
8★ 99 20 1641 246 71 321 74 ?

Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • The following are bonus abilities granted to characters equipped with Mother Brain.
Ability-Type Effect Minimum Rank to Activate
Reprograming 10% MP recovery for defeating an enemy 6


Etymology Edit

Mother Brain is a prominent antagonist in the Metroid series.