For outdated mechanics on this gameplay element, see Mote Dungeon/Legacy

Mote Dungeons are an Event Dungeon in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. As the name would imply, they are a chance for players to win Motes. They were introduced to the game in early 2017 and revived in December 2017.


Mote Dungeons change every two days. They are classified as a Jump Start Battle - the player will enter battle with one full Soul Break segment, but the Soul Break gauge will not increase during battle, and Stamina will not be consumed if the player flees battle. The dungeons are themed after elemental affinities, with each boss resisting all elements but one, which they are weak to.

Winning a Mote dungeon rewards the standard Mastery and First Time rewards, as well as an additional reward if the player defeated the boss in under 30 seconds. All Mote Dungeons cost 60 Stamina to attempt and are classified as 180 Difficulty.


Note - Mote Dungeons changeover at 8 am UTC (midnight PST) and run for exactly 48 hours.
Boss Mote Type Element Rewards
Availability Completion First Mastery Under 30s
Tonberry King Spirit Earth 90,000 gil FFRK Spirit Mote 4x6 FFRK Mythril FFRK Spirit Mote 4x50 FFRK Spirit Mote 4x4
Wed Nov 21—Thu Nov 22
Sat Dec 1—Sun Dec 2
Wladislaus Dexterity Lightning 90,000 gil FFRK Dexterity Mote 4x6 FFRK Mythril FFRK Dexterity Mote 4x50 FFRK Dexterity Mote 4x4
Fri Nov 23—Sat Nov 24
Mon Dec 3—Tue Dec 4
Behemoth King Vitality Fire 90,000 gil FFRK Vitality Mote 4x6 FFRK Mythril FFRK Vitality Mote 4x50 FFRK Vitality Mote 4x4
Thu Nov 15—Fri Nov 16
Sun Nov 25—Mon Nov 26
Lich Wisdom Wind 90,000 gil FFRK Wisdom Mote 4x6 FFRK Mythril FFRK Wisdom Mote 4x50 FFRK Wisdom Mote 4x4
Sat Nov 17—Sun Nov 18
Tue Nov 27—Wed Nov 28
Red Dragon Bravery Dark 90,000 gil FFRK Bravery Mote 4x6 FFRK Mythril FFRK Bravery Mote 4x50 FFRK Bravery Mote 4x4
Mon Nov 19—Tue Nov 20
Thu Nov 29—Fri Nov 30