Mortibody is a boss from Final Fantasy X. It is fought alongside Seymour Natus.


Final Fantasy X enemy stats
#116#117 #118
Location Monster Arena Species Other information
Bevelle Highbridge Does not appear Unspecified Will replenish its health from Seymour whenever its HP falls to zero.
Sensor description Scan description
Watch out for their combo attacks. Its Shattering Claw hits petrified characters, smashing them to smithereens. Beware the Desperado, which inflicts damage and negates any magical augmentations.
HP MP Strength Magic Defense Magic Defense
4,000 - 4,000 - 3,000 - 2,000 - 1,000 (-6,500) 50 22 20 50 1
Agility Accuracy Evasion Luck AP (Overkill) Gil
28 100 0 15 0 (0) 0
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water Holy
100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Statuses and immunities
Silence Sleep Darkness Poison Petrify Slow Zombie Power Break
Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune 0
Magic Break Armor Break Mental Break Threaten Death Provoke Doom Nul
0 50 Immune 0 Immune Immune Immune 0
Shell Protect Reflect Haste Demi Regen Distill Sensor
0 0 0 0 Immune 0 0 0
Scan Bribe Delay Zanmato Berserk Capture Physical Magical
0 0 0 Lv. 4 0 Immune 0 0
Common steal (75%) Rare steal (25%) Common drop (87.5%) Rare drop (12.5%)
None None None None
Equipment drop (25%) Weapon abilities Armor abilities Bribe
0 slots, 0 abilities None None None
Abilities Ronso Rage
Blizzard, Thunder, Water, Fire, Desperado, Shattering Claw, Cura, Mortibsorption None


Mortibody regularly casts Desperado, relieving all positive statuses. Seymour Natus will use Break on a character, and Mortibody will follow up with Shattering Claw, shattering the petrified character. The Mortibody will later cast Cura on Seymour Natus, which can be reflected back onto the party.

If the Mortibody is defeated, it will use Mortibsorption, draining HP from Seymour Natus to regenerate to its next amount of HP (first, 4,000, then 3,000, to 2,000, and finally down to absorbing 1,000 HP each time). Mortibody will keep doing this, even if it kills Seymour.

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


FFRK Mortibody FFX
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  • Mortibody has a dummied attack called "Magic Re-Enabled". This attack heals 1000 HP and cures Silence.

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