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Morpher command. Assume captured monster's form.

Morph (めたもる, Metamoru?, lit. Metamorphic) is an action ability usable by the Morpher in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Ability Equipment Effect AP
Goblin Goblin Soul Morph into goblins and red caps. 200
Flan Flan Soul Morph into ice flans, jellies, and creams. 200
Bomb Bomb Soul Morph into bombs and grenades. 200
Dragon Dragon Soul Morph into thundrakes, firewyrms, and icedrakes. 200
Lamia Lamia Soul Morph into lamias and liliths. 200
Bug Bug Soul Morph into antlions and jawbreakers. 200
Panther Panther Soul Morph into red panthers and coeurls. 200
Malboro Malboro Soul Morph into malboros and big malboros. 200
Floateye Eye Soul Morph into floateyes and ahrimans. 200