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FFLII Mootie Artwork

Mootie (タツノコ, Tatsunoko?, lit. Dragon Child) is a character from Final Fantasy Legends II. He is a newborn summon creature that joins Morrow's party as a companion.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Mootie is a newborn summon creature with a dragon-like appearance. He is purple with red eyes and has purple-gold armor with a purple gemstone around his left horn.

In the original version, he had a small gold crown on his left horn.

Personality Edit

Story Edit

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FFLTnS Meeting Mootie

Morrow and the others meet Mootie.

Morrow, Aemo, and Wrieg encounter Mootie inside of the Phantom Beast King's Palace in the first chapter. Once the party spots him, he attacks them out of fear. After Morrow and the others weaken Mootie, Mootie casts Nanoflare on the party, causing them to fall to the ground. After the battle, Mootie prepares to cast Nanoflare once more, but Morrow manages to calm down the young summon in time. Morrow and the others speak to Mootie and persuade the creature to join them.

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Gameplay Edit

Battle Edit

While Mootie is not an active party member, he can support the party in battle with a specific phantom stone chosen from the player's friends list. Different types of phantom stones may be used time to time, depending on what was equipped by Morrow in the first slot.

Mootie will become stronger as the party level increases, reaching 4000+ with a normal attack and above 800 MP if the party is Lv 70 and above.

Summon Edit

FFLTnS Mootie Stone

Mootie can be obtained as a non-elemental summon after defeating the final boss.

His special attack is Dragon's Cry, which lowers the attack, magic, and speed stats for three turns to all enemies and inflicts delay for a single turn. Summoning Mootie costs 2 point from the Consumption Gauge.

Mootie allows the wielder to use the following abilities:

  • Nanoflare I
  • Nanoflare II
  • Nanoflare III
Rank Maximum Level Phantom Stone Cost Max HP Max MP Max Attack Max Magic Max Speed Components Needed
★ 5 50 12 ? ? ? ? ? None
★ 6 60 12 ? ? ? ? ? ?
★ 7 70 12 1087 92 104 104 81 ?

Boss Edit

Mootie is fought as a boss during the first chapter inside the Phantom Beast King's Palace.

Other appearances Edit

Triple Triad Edit

312b Mootie (JP)

Mootie appears on a Triple Triad card in the version available via the Final Fantasy Portal App.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances Edit

Rise of Mana Edit

RoM FFToS characters

Mootie, Aemo, and Morrow.

Mootie, Morrow, and Aemo appeared in Rise of Mana as part of collaboration event.

Gallery Edit

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