Unlimited Episode 22

Moogle: Nostalgic Memories

Moogle: Nostalgic Memories is the twenty-second episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.



FFU Episode 22 - Nostalgic Village

The town.

The episode opens with Jane drifting down a peaceful country river with a town nearby. As the crew admire the scenery, a small creature watches from a distance, and comments on feeling "his" presence.

The Past in the PresentEdit

Taking the peace as a welcome opportunity to relax, Cid and the crew set to work maintaining and cleaning Jane, while Knave admires the scenery despite Lisa's warnings they are still within the Ocean Puzzle. As the peace settles in, the children and Chobi play in the river.

Kaze is distracted despite the calm, as Knave announces the crew are receiving two hours of relaxation. As the crew enjoy the free time a strange tower rests on a hill above the town.

FFU Episode 22 - Memory Tower

The strange tower.

Ai, Yu, Lisa, Knave and Fungo decide to explore the town, but notice the adults all seem lost in nostalgia. Fungo spots a strange creature gliding among the roof tops. Lisa gives chase, but falls under the strange spell. The children find Lisa reliving her childhood training, so they race off to fetch Knave, but find him in a similar state.


Returning to Jane, the children find the crew under the same spell, and so decide to find the only person not present; Kaze. Returning to the town, the children hear a television running, and investigate. Instead of locating Kaze, they find the creature that flew overhead before. He is dressed identically to Kaze, and introduces himself as Moogle, though he corrects this to Kupo. Mentioning Kaze reveals Kupo knows of Kaze and that Kupo is not the one who has hypnotized everyone; it is the tower above the town. The reason the children were not affected is because they have fewer memories.

The TowerEdit

Climbing to the tower to find a way to shut it down, the children and Kupo find Kaze at its base. Kupo races ahead, and greets Kaze, but Kaze does not remember Kupo at all. A powerful wave is emitted from the tower, and Yu falls under the tower's influence.

Upon Kupo's urgings, Kaze primes the Magnum, with Kupo calling him the "God of Destruction". The tower emits another wave and the Magnum reverts to its sealed state as Crux watches from her usual place overhead.

Kupo runs to Kaze's side and inspects the Magnum. His pom-pom glows and he declares the Magnum should now fire properly. Kaze is under the spell of the tower and recalls his homeworld and the people living there. Kupo calls out to Kaze, mentioning someone named Aura.

FFU Episode 22 - As the Soil Guides You

Moogle repairs the Magnum.

Kupo turns to the children for help, but they have all been subjugated. Just as Kupo mentions Kaze's memories can't be pleasant enough to ensnare him, Kaze recalls the destruction of his world.

Within his memories, he sees Makenshi draw his sword, and the woman, hinted to be Aura, tells Kaze to "use her soil". Part of his memories cause him to return to the present and recall his friendship with Kupo.

Kaze primes the Magnum but this time the tower has no effect on it. Kaze loads and fires the gun, with Kupo adding his strength to the shot. The improved summon destroys the tower and the crew of Jane are released from its grasp.

FFU Episode 22 - Ixion, Zero Style

Kaze's and Kupo's combined strength.

The sky begins to crack and the entire town is threatened with destruction. Jane and her crew sail into the next cube of the Ocean Puzzle moments before it can collapse.


A single Soil combination is seen in this episode:

The deep sleep that envelops death/The sleep that wraps death - Steel Gray

The rising of boiling blood/Bubbling and boiling blood - Heat Crimson

The brilliance that pierces the darkness/The light that penetrates darkness - Lightning Yellow

This is then powered by Kupo to produce Ixion - Zero.