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Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV is a virtual reality experience set in the Final Fantasy XV Universe. It is a fishing simulation game. The game is exclusive to PlayStation VR and can played without owning Final Fantasy XV.[2] It is due to release on November 21, 2017.


Monster of the Deep FFXV gameplay 5


Monster of the Deep is a fishing simulation game set in virtual reality. The player controls a customizable avatar and can fish in ponds and lakes, interact with Noctis Lucis Caelum and the rest of the party, and observe their surroundings with a full 360 degree view. The main objective of the game is to catch the titular "monster of the deep", a large and aggressive fish lurking somewhere in the waters of Eos.



Final Fantasy XV VR Experience

Original logo.

VR content for Final Fantasy XV was originally announced at E3 2016. Then called Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience, it was to be a retelling of the Episode Duscae demo content from the perspective of Prompto. A first-person shooter fight against Deadeye and a car ride with Cindy were shown and playable at E3. Initial reception was negative, with press calling the gameplay "unfun" and "simplistic"[3], causing director Masashi Takizawa to reassess the game's content. The project eventually shifted focus towards fishing as the team felt it was a more immersive and enjoyable experience than the original prototype.[4] At E3 2017, Monster of the Deep was announced with a release scheduled for September 2017, though the release was pushed back to November 21, 2017 at Gamescom.


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