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White monk command. Use own body as a weapon.

Monk Tech (僧技, Sōgi?) is an action ability usable by the White Monk in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Monk TechEdit

Ability Equipment Effect AP Power Range
Whirlwind Hard Knuckles Quick spin attack. Hits to the front, back, and side. 100 25 Self
Air Render Kaiser Knuckles Releases aggression. Can damage at a distance. 200 45 3
Earth Render Tiger Fangs Attack so powerful it can rend the very earth. 200 34 Line
Far Fist Godhand Unleashed aggression deals area damage at a distance. 200 35 4
Chakra Cat Claws Sends energy into chakra points to heal HP. 200 35 Self
Revive Survivor Sends energy through body to revive KO'd unit. 300 1
Exorcise Rising Sun Evil-banishing life chakra. Destroys zombies.
Element: Holy.
300 1
Holy Sign White Fangs Holy symbol. Neutralizes status enhancements. 200 1


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