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The Monk is a generic Monk ally in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years and the Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- chapter in Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection.

Story Edit

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Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- Edit

FFIV-I- Two Monks crossing Mt. Hobs are attacked by monsters. A scout from Damcyan sees the battle and alerts Edward. Yang, Cecil, and Rosa rescue them, and the five fend off a Dad Bomb. The Monks tell Yang they were coming to Damcyan to inform him his wife Sheila is about to go into labor, and the five head to Fabul.

It is not indicated if the two Monks are the same characters as the Monks in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

TAYPSPBattle Monk C

When Ursula flees the castle to inspect a shooting star that landed west of Mt. Hobs, Yang pursues her with Monk A and Monk B. After finding Ursula and inspecting the Impact Crater, the four return to Fabul and see the Red Wings flying there. Yang and the two Monks, as well as newcomer Monk C, fight to defend the castle but are pushed back and defeated.

Yang, Ursula, and the Monks set sail for Baron to speak to Cecil. A monster attack damages the ship and they must dock at the Adamant Isles to locate palm oil for fuel. Yang heads into the forest alone, and when he does not return by night, Ursula and the Monks set out to find him. They locate a tree that secrets palm oil and are attacked by an Adamantoise. The Monks defend Ursula but are struck down, unable to penetrate the Adamantoise's hide.

Remembering a training lesson she observed, Ursula steps in to fight the monster and uses Tenketsu to expose its weak point. Yang arrives and with the Adamantoise's defenses exposed it is slain. In light of Ursula's desire to protect her comrades, Yang acknowledges she has a strong heart as well as a strong body, and accepts her as a disciple.

After setting out for Baron again, Leviathan attacks and destroys the ship. Yang and Ursula wash up near Kaipo and are cared for there, while the Monks are presumably killed.

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Gameplay Edit

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- Edit

Monk A and Monk B join at Level 30 and only have the Kick command. Contrary to Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, the Monks have identical stats. Monk A comes equipped with two Flame Claws, Headband, Black Belt Gi, and Power Armlet. Monk B has the same equipment, but instead of two Flame Claws, he comes with two Ice Claws.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit


Yang faces the three Monks as enemies in a training exercise at the beginning of Yang's Tale. They are not strong and can be killed with basic attacks.

As party members the Monks have the Kick ability and the same weapon and armor draw as Yang and Ursula. They are not available for Yang's Challenge Dungeon and cap at Level 20. Monks A and B join at Level 10, while Monk C joins at Level 15. Their highest stats are their HP, Strength, and Stamina. Monk A has the best stats in these areas among the three, Monk C is second best, and Monk B is the worst of the three, but has the highest Speed.

Stats Edit

Monk A's Stats
Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intelligence Spirit
10 400 0 15 8 17 3 3
20 862 0 21 12 23 3 3

Monk B's Stats
Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intelligence Spirit
10 350 0 11 10 13 6 6
20 723 0 17 15 19 6 6

Monk C's Stats
Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intelligence Spirit
15 600 0 15 11 17 5 5
20 840 0 19 13 21 5 5

Equipment Edit

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Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, Monk C is given a darker battle sprite and portrait than Monk A's and Monk B's.