A martial artist refined both in body and mind, the Monk specializes in barehanded fighting techniques.
Dawn of Souls instructions

The Monk, also known as the Black Belt (空手家, Karateka?), is a skilled martial artist who prefers his fists over weapons and magic in the original Final Fantasy. This is the only class that never gets to use magic; this, coupled with his general lack of equipment, make him the least expensive class (though his defense is thus relatively low as a result).

In the NES version Black Belts have a blue headband and clothing. In the PlayStation version the is red, but was changed back to blue for the PlayStation portable sprites. His hair has also become shorter in every remake.

The Black Belt gets damage bonuses for fighting barehanded, and also a defense bonus based on Stamina. Barehanded damage surpasses claws and, with enough Stamina, equipment (except for status/elemental protection) is also unneeded. Like the Thief, he is another "investment" character, though his investment comes from grinding rather than class change; he starts weak, but his potential shows in that he can eventually catch up to the Warrior in a fight. At high enough levels, he (and the Master Monk) will even have the highest damage output.

In the Final Fantasy manga, the Black Belt's name is given as Fritz (フリッツ, Furittsu?). An original character that does not appear in the game, he is the youngest member of the Warriors of Light and helps Puffy, Matoya and Bahamut to restore the power of the Crystals.


After completing the Citadel of Trials, Bahamut, the Dragon King, upgrades Monk to the rank of Master (スーパー モンク, Sūpā Monku?). Originally, the Master was decidedly the only downgrade as his Magic Defense went from 4 to 1 per level up, but was otherwise similar (equipping a Ribbon ignores this, though bothering to max a Black Belt to Level 50 almost makes this moot). In Dawn of Souls and following versions, the stat growth formula for promoted classes is altered, so the Master instead gains higher multiplier for his bonuses and gets more Magic Defense (2 instead of 1) at level up than the Black Belt.

Name originsEdit

In the Dawn of Souls version and subsequent versions, there are ten optional auto-names for the different character classes. Each name refers to another character or location's name in the Final Fantasy series.

The ten names for the Monk class are:

In addition, the name Sabin from Final Fantasy VI was used in screenshots for the Final Fantasy Origins manual.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


A warrior blessed by the Crystals to stand against the forces of darkness. The master was once an ordinary monk, a fighter who favors his bare fists above any weapon, until he was raised to the class of master after returning from the Citadel of Trials and presenting Bahamut with proof of his courage.
—Character profile.

Master is a playable character who could be initially recruited during the Challenge Event Dawn of a Legend as a First Time Reward for completing the Flying Fortress on the Classic difficulty.


Master is a Master, whose combat role is Physical Attack.

Level HP Attack Defense Magic Resistance Mind Accuracy Evasion Speed
1 205 12 7 7 7 8 20 20 115
RankMax: 5 4 5 2 1 1 2 3 3 5

Master can use Combat abilities up to rarity rank 5 and Monk abilities up to rarity rank 5.

His default Soul Break is Finest Fists, which at the expense on one Soul Gauge segment deals physical damage to one target.


Master can equip the following weapon types: daggers and Fists.

He can equip the following armor types: hats, light armor, and bracers.

He can equip accessories.

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Triple TriadEdit

002a Monk

Monk appears on a Triple Triad card in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.