She's one of my father's best.
—Gladiolus on Monica

Monica Elshett is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XV: Comrades. She serves the Crownsguard as a trusted officer under direct orders of Clarus Amicitia and Cor Leonis, and acts as Gladiolus and Ignis's senior. Monica's role is combat support and reconnaissance.



Monica is a middle-aged woman with short gray hair. She wears a black blouse over a white shirt, and a necklace around her neck.


Monica is a serious and polite person who is loyal to the royal household. She is adept in combat, and is also a skilled cook. Despite her and fellow Crownsguard member Dustin Ackers having very different personalities, they work well together and commonly partner up on missions.


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Monica is a trusted officer in the Crownsguard who is considered one of Clarus Amicitia's best. She works particularly well with Dustin Ackers, having partnered up on many a mission—a popular topic for idle gossip among the rabble. She kept many cats while living in Insomnia.

Monica and Dustin help Iris Amicitia and other evacuees escape Insomnia when it is attacked by Niflheim. At Leide's Prairie Outpost she relays a message from Cor to Prince Noctis to meet him at the royal tomb near Keycatrich Trench. She tells Noctis most of Crownsguard did not survive Insomnia's fall. Later, she tells Noctis of Cor's plan to sneak into and raid the Norduscaean Blockade. When Noctis and his friends arrive Monica explains Noctis and Cor will sneak into the base while Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto help with the diversionary effort. She leaves with Cor when he confirms he doesn't need to worry about Noctis and his royal retinue.

Monica accompanies Talcott Hester to the hideaway at Cape Caem alongside Dustin after Niflheim occupies Lestallum, and remains there to protect Talcott and Gladiolus's sister Iris. According to Talcott, Monica regularly trains him to "fight like a Crownsguard". She also cooks food for a cat that has followed Noctis to Caem.

At the beginning of the sub-quest "Lone Rumblings in Longwythe", Monica goes to investigate the tremors alongside Dustin and relays their findings to Noctis. The cause of the shakes around Leide is an Adamantoise.

After light begins to disappear from the world completely, Monica turns her attention to assisting refugees and fighting back the daemons. She dispatches the Kingsglaive members and Hunters of Lestallum on missions in protecting Lucis from daemons and restless or mutated animals. She dispatches the Glaives and hunters on missions, occasionally rewarding them with meals she cooks herself.

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In quests for Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, players are tasked with numerous objectives, such as defeating a powerful monster or protecting a target from enemies. While on the field, players can pick up one ingredient each. At the end of the quest, the ingredients are given to Monica, who will combine them and create a stat-enhancing meal for the party.