FF9 Save

Moguo on the world map.

Moguo is a moogle from Final Fantasy IX, who acts as a save point when called on the world map. His appearance is the same as the other male moogles across Gaia, a ruffle around his neck and pink wings, but he sports an orange pom-pom (like Eiko's moogle Mog) as opposed to red.

The party first meet a moogle called Monty in Evil Forest; he flies out to meet them after they escape from the Plant Spiders, leaving Blank petrified along with the forest. Monty tells the party about saving on the world map and hands them the Moogle's Flute, which can be used by pressing Square. When the Moogle Flute is used, Moguo will run out to meet the party.

If the party calls Moguo on the world map and turns him away, at first he will only say, Don't call me if you don't need me, kupo!, but after repeatedly turning him away, he will become annoyed, saying You're starting to tick me off, kupo!, I'm sharpening my knife, kupo, and finally, after having been called for 17 consecutive times, STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT! KU-PHEH!. However, no matter how many times turned away, Moguo will still turn up and agree to save the game, or let the party use a Tent when called.