Mognet Central is the headquarters of the Mognet moogle mail service in Final Fantasy IX. It is located on an island off the Outer Continent. It can only be accessed by a red chocobo or a gold chocobo or a dark blue chocobo, and requires a Dead Pepper to locate.

Quests Edit

Finding Mognet Central Edit

FFIX Mognet Central WM

Mognet central.

While chasing Kuja to Esto Gaza and Mount Gulug, delivering a letter to Mogrika the moogle causes her to reveal that Mognet is shutting down because of an accident involving Artemicion. From this point on, many moogles will not have any letters to deliver due to the problems at the home office, Mognet Central.

With the aid of a red Choco (at least), the player can use a Dead Pepper to expose the entrance of Mognet Central. Inside, Artemicion confesses that he has used too much of a certain "thing" to make his fur glossy, and there wasn't enough left for the machine which powers Mognet Central.

Superslick Edit


Mognet interior.

List of Moogle Locations.

To complete the sidequest the player must travel south to Alexandria on the Mist Continent and speak to Kupo at the Bell Tower. Doing so will initiate a chain of letters, which gradually reveal what the "thing" is and where it can be found. If the sidequest is done in disc 4 some locations have become off-limits, and Mois has moved from the Ice Cavern to Fossil Roo, and it is necessary to have Quina in the party to find him.

The required item is eventually discovered to be in the possession of someone in Alexandria. If the player talks to Ruby, she will hand over her hair gel, otherwise known as Superslick.

For completing the side quest, the player will be rewarded with a Protect Ring.

In the mobile and Steam version, simply obtaining the Superslick earns the Well Lubricated achievement, while using it to restore Mognet Central earns the Back Online achievement.

If the player delivered all of the letters of the entire game without missing one, the sidequest can begin on disc 3. If some letters were missed, one can still do the sidequest from disc 4 onwards. The only difference is Mois's location.

Musical theme Edit

The musical track "Moogle's Theme", which plays in Mognet Central, was originally used in Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI.