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Mog 10

Mog from Final Fantasy VI.

Mog (モグ, Mogu?) is a recurring moogle name in the Final Fantasy series. It can refer to either male or female characters, and often moogles that play larger roles in the game.


VI-mog sd

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Mog is a secret playable character in Final Fantasy VI. During the course of the game, Mog appears twice: first in the Narshe Caves during the battle to protect Terra, and again in the Scenario Selection screen when the party splits up.

Only later he can be recruited as a full character, which can be done in either the World of Balance or World of Ruin. He is a Dancer who wields spears.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit


In the English version of the game, all moogles are called "mogs". In the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, they are called moogles instead.

Mog is the name of the protagonist from Mog's House, a game from the Wonder Square in Final Fantasy VII. He finds a female "mog" called Mag, and they have children together.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit


MiniMog is a pseudo-Guardian Force, summoned with the use of the MiniMog command learned from the Chocobo World exclusive item, Mog's Amulet. Its summon, Moogle Dance, heals all GFs junctioned for 1500 HP. It also has a Triple Triad card.

Final Fantasy IXEdit


Mog is one of Eiko Carol's pet moogles from Madain Sari. She has a thicker fur collar and an orange pom-pom that sets her apart from other moogles. Mog is initially cowardly and stays with Eiko, but is revealed to be the Holy elemental Eidolon Madeen after reaching trance when Zorn and Thorn endanger Eiko. To show that she will always be by Eiko's side, Mog leaves behind her Ribbon, which allows Eiko to summon her.

Guardian Mog is an ability that Eiko can learn from the synthesized add-on Madain's Ring—it clears Eiko of all negative status effects at the end of a battle. Mog is also a Tetra Master card.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

XIII-2 Mog artwork

Mog comes from the Ocean of Time when the paradoxes started to appear and some time after that ended up in Valhalla where he met Lightning. After she met Noel she sent him and the moogle to her sister's time to lead her to her side and help fight Caius who threatens the timeline.

In battle, Mog transforms into Serah Farron's signature Starseeker bowsword. Mog operates the Mog Clock, which affects the status of enemies and the party depending on when the player strikes the enemies to initiate battle after they appear on the field. Mog can find hidden treasures on the field with Moogle Hunt, and can be thrown towards treasures in inaccessible areas with Moogle Throw.

During Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Mog has reunited with his moogle friends and leads the Moogle Village in the Jagd Woods of the Wildlands, but continues to grieve his inability to protect Serah. On the Nova Chrysalia's final day, Mog arrives to help Lightning.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

King Moggle Mog Art

Good King Moggle Mog is the legendary king of all moogles. According to myth, when the moogles traveled to Eorzea from the realm of the gods, Moggle Mog was the one to hold a long rope for them to climb down from the heavens, as the journey was too far for them to fly. When all other moogles had descended, the king had to remain behind, as there was no way for him to lower himself. For his hand in their liberation the moogles abstained from naming a successor to the throne, and eventually discovered a summoning ritual to call him to the surface at last.

Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesEdit

Ffcc moogle

Mog accompanies the player in the Single Player Mode, carrying the Crystal Chalice for the player, allowing them to be free to fight; however, he cannot carry the chalice indefinitely, and will require short breaks occasionally, for which he will alert the player.

Mog is first encountered at the start of the game when the player encounters the caravan from Alfitaria. He can also be used for Fusion Spells, and if he is painted in Moogle Paint can use basic offensive magic spells. He is not targetable and will not attack enemies physically.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

Ffcc-eot moogle

Mog makes a cameo in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time in River Belle, stating that he'll repair the house that once stood in the area, likely referencing the Moogle House that appeared in River Belle Path in the original Crystal Chronicles.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit


A moogle whose name is an acronym for "Military Operation Organization and Guidance/Logistics Expert" appears in Final Fantasy Type-0. As one of the thirteen moogles known as the "Cranberry Knights," Moogle is assigned to Class Zero to oversee course arrangements, mission guides, communications, and daily domestic works, such as laundry and meals. It is given the nickname "Moglin" by Cinque; everyone refers to it by this name in the end. Like Mog from Final Fantasy XIII-2, along with the rest of its kind, Moglin is voiced by Sumire Morohoshi in the Japanese version Final Fantasy Type-0, and by Ariel Winter in the English version.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Dr. Mog

Dr. Mog is a character in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. He is the one who handles Relic Drawing and is in charge of the library. After he sends Tyro off on his quest to restore the records, he gives helpful tips on the bosses the party will encounter, as well as other various tutorials.

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Mobius Final Fantasy Edit

MobiusFF Mog

Mog is a moogle whom Wol meets early in his journey, saving the little creature from the monsters' attack. He is a model edit of Mog from Final Fantasy XIII-2 with feline eyes, cat-like nose, flower-shaped collar, and sock-like objects on his feet.

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Chocobo seriesEdit

Dueler X

Mog is a recurring character in the Chocobo Series. He is a greedy, scheming character, always trying to steal the limelight from Chocobo, but his plans are foiled by dumb luck. In Chocobo Tales for Wii, Mog also appears under various guises, such as Dueler X and Romantic Hero X, and helps the Chocobo throughout the game.

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

The various Mogs from the series appear in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.

Other appearancesEdit

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

In Kingdom Hearts II, the synthesizing moogle in Hollow Bastion is named Mog. It is, along with the one at Twilight Town, the only moogle in the game not to appear as a hologram.


  • In all French translations of the Final Fantasy series, the moogle race as a whole is called "Mog".
  • While in Final Fantasy VI, Mog is the only moogle who can speak the player's language, in Final Fantasy IX, she is the only one that cannot.

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