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The glitch in action

The Mix/X-Magic glitch is a glitch in Final Fantasy V which involves both the abilities Mix and Double Black/White (called X-Magic in older versions). To perform this glitch, a player must have the character with the Mix ability use any Mix command. At any time during the same fight Mix is used, if the player selects a spell to cast on one target or all targets, and then selects a spell to use on the opposition or their party, then all spells used after the first will target the target of the first spell. For example:

  • Character 1 uses Mix.
  • Character 2 uses Double Black/White and selects Cure as their first spell to heal Lenna, and then selects Toad to use on an enemy. Due to this glitch, the Toad spell will be re-targeted to the first target, in this case Lenna.

This also affects multi-target spells. For instance, a player casts Cura on the entire party, and then tries to cast Shell on a character. Due to the bug, after Cura, which was used on the entire party, is used, Shell will be used on the entire party as well, which normally cannot be done. This can be a rather useful glitch, such as being able to cast Banish on all enemies (if a character also has Lv.6 Time equipped) or being able to cast buffs on the entire party at once. However, using this glitch with Holy will cause the game to lock up.

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