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Miwa (ミワ, Miwa?) is a character from Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Story: The Reaper of the Icy Blade. She is the only female and the leader of the Four Champions of Rubrum, the group of strongest Agito Cadets of the Dominion of Rubrum.



Miwa is a small teenage girl with short black hair. As a member of Class Fourth, she wears an orange mantle. Despite the size of her body, Miwa is a very strong bare-handed fighter. Her strength and fighting style earned her the nickname "Miwa, the Barbarian".



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FFT0 Gaiden Miwa worries

Miwa worries about Kurasame.

A seventeen year old girl Miwa, is an Agito Cadet from Class Third at Akademeia. She has a dream to become a dancer but she is not very good at it. She is the classmate of Kurasame, Guren, and Kotetsu.

One day, Class Third has a test of courage at a cave in Rubrum territory. A couple of mysterious Concordian outlaws wipe out the class except for five survivors: Kurasame, Miwa, Guren, Kotetsu, and Oruto, who defeat the Concordians and return to Akademeia. Unfortunately, Oruto dies shortly after their return.

Akademia authorities decide to cover up the incident and treat it as an accident where Class Third was attacked by monsters. It is a political decision to maintain the relationship between Rubrum and Concordia, as they already have enough issues with Militesi Empire as their enemy.

FFT0 Gaiden Miwa Takatsugu

Commander Takatsugu encourages Miwa to fight.

Several weeks after the incident, The Cadetmaster orders the four survivors to take on a mission in Concordia territory, as a formal request from the royal family of Concordia. The four cadets don't want to take the mission at first since they still hold a grudge against the Concordians, but Kurasame and Guren change their mind as it might be an opportunity to get promoted to Class First.

Kurasame and Guren fly to the Dragon Sanctuary on a Rubrumite airship. Miwa chooses to stay, as she blames herself for coming up with the test of courage game that led to her classmates' deaths, and for being unable to use healing magics to save any of them. Kotetsu chooses to stay with Miwa, but Takatsugu, commander of Class First, encourages Miwa to fight for her living friends, and Miwa and Kotetsu follow Kurasame and Guren to Concordia.

FFT0 Gaiden Miwa Battle

Miwa beats Yumemi.

In Concordia, Kurasame and Guren arrive in the town of Amiter, where Kurasame is later lured out alone to the forest by the enemies. Yumemi, an Akademeia reject, ambushes Kurasame and stabs him in the stomach before Miwa arrives and defeats Yumemi. Miwa heals Kurasame's wound with magic that she learned after the cave incident.

Meanwhile, Kotetsu arrives in Amiter, where the false mayor tries to mislead him, but Kotetsu exposes them. Guren returns to help Kotetsu, but they are outnumbered by criminals who fled Rubrum to live in Concordia, able to use the power of both Vermilion Bird Crystal and Azure Dragon Crystal, allowing them to use magic and to control monsters. Parts of Amiter are burnt down.

Miwa arrives in the town with Kurasame. She declares they are "The Four Champions of Rubrum" and the four defeat the criminals and rescue the real mayor. The citizens thank the cadets and promise to remember the name "Four Champions of Rubrum" that would be passed on for generations of Concordians. The old lady's tonberry tags along with Kurasame, becoming his faithful sidekick. The four cadets return to Akademeia, and as the result of the successful mission, Kurasame and Guren are promoted to Class First while Miwa is transferred to Class Fourth.

FFT0G Four Champions

The Four Champions, two years later.

Two years later, the Four Champions are now Rubrum's strongest cadets, being called "The faces of the Dominion", and said to be the strongest forces in all of Orience. One day, they are invited to a party where Kurasame meets Aoi Tomoshibi, the daughter of the Deputy Prime Liaison Fuyou Tomoshibi. An imperial assassin attempts to assassinate the dominion leader, but is caught by Kurasame. The assassin says that he's "not the only one" before committing suicide.

The assassin's Knowing Tag proves that the man was a Rubrumite-born citizen who betrayed the dominion and worked for the empire. Commander Takatsugu orders the Four Champions to investigate the case and search for more traitors hiding in the dominion. Takatsugu assigns Guren and Kotetsu to accompany the Deputy Prime Liaison to Meroë while Kurasame and Miwa are deployed to protect Lady Aoi to attend a ceremony in Mi-Go.

FFT0 Gaiden Miwa helping Kurasame

Miwa helping Kurasame to confess his love to Aoi.

A group of imperial men ambushes Lady Aoi's entourage in the forest and captures her. Miwa decides to fight alone and tells Kurasame to go after Aoi. Kurasame rescues Aoi and gets out of the forest safely and they fall in love. The night after the forest incident, with help from Miwa, Kurasame confesses his feelings to Aoi on the terrace of the east tower at Akademeia and the two kiss.

The imperial spies abduct half of the dominion researchers, including Kazusa's parents. Kurasame heads to Milites alone without an official assignment and entrusts his duty as Aoi's bodyguard to Instructor Urushi. The other Champions accompany him and meet Qator Bashtar on the way to Anson Stronghold. Qator is a Militesi and pilots a prototype Magitek Armor, the newest weapon of the empire, but he loses to the Four Champions.

Miwa, Guren, and Kotetsu lead the Rubrumite forces, now joined by the Lorican Alliance army who want to rescue the Lorican hostages from the empire, to engage the imperial troops in the front line. Meanwhile, Kurasame sneaks in the stronghold and releases Takatsugu from the underground base.

FFT0 Gaiden Miwa vs Qator

Miwa and the Champions fighting Qator Bashtar.

The Cadetmaster summons Kurasame, Miwa, and Kotetsu to inform them that Guren has betrayed the dominion by stealing top secret documents from the Intelligence department. She issues an order for Guren's arrest on charges of espionage, and authorizes his termination. The three of the Four Champions doubt that Guren would betray the dominion and decide to find him before anyone else. Meanwhile, the Cadetmaster also assigns them another important mission: to assassinate Marshal Cid Aulstyne of the Militesi Empire to stop his plan to mass produce a new type of Magitek Armor.

Kurasame, Miwa, and Kotetsu, accompanied by Naghi's squad from Class Ninth—a newly formed class specialized in spying, collecting information, and assassination—head to Militesi territory to assassinate the head of the imperial army. Guren appears and ruins their plan by casting Firaga to expose their positions. Guren doesn't tell Kurasame about his situation, but says that "some things are more important than the Champions' mission". Guren retreats, and Kurasame's squad is forced to flee back to Rubrum.

Akademeia has to reschedule the assassination plan, now taking place at the Imperial Hendon Stronghold where Cid is scheduled to, only to find out that this whole mission is a trap set up by both the empire and the Cadetmaster. The Cadetmaster agreed to trade off the Four Champions' lives for the information of the empire's newest superweapon.

FFT0G Miwa Last Moment

Miwa's last moment.

Kurasame and Miwa successfully escape the stronghold but Kotetsu attacks them. Kotetsu reveals that he accepted a secret mission from the Cadetmaster; to eliminate his Four Champions friends and then take his own life, in order to save the Dominion's future from the empire's weapon. Kotetsu stabs Miwa and then manages to kill Guren who came back to help Kurasame.

Kurasame also got stabbed but he uses an ice spell to seal his wound in order to fight a little longer. He finally kills Kotetsu on a one on one duel but he also received a burnt wound on his face and starts losing blood from the wound.

Miwa crawls to Murasame and use her last magic power to heal him. Kurasame regains consciousness and finds out that Miwa decided to heal him instead of herself. Kurasame asks why she did that for him, Miwa replies "Because I love you" and dies in Kurasame's arms. Kurasame writes down all of his memories about Miwa and the other Four Champions on the ground with his blood before the crystal erase his memories.

Extra Chapter: "If Only..."Edit

FFT0G Miwa Kurasame Ending

Miwa and Kurasame dancing together.

Similar to the "What If..." scenario in Final Fantasy Type-0, the extra chapter is a parallel timeline where there is no war. The Akademeia is holding a school festival where the students from other schools including the Militesi Academy are coming to enjoy the event. All the characters are not dead in this timeline. Kurasama and Miwa seem to start falling in love while they're paired up on the dance floor.

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