Mist Dragon, also known as D. Mist or Mist D., is a boss in Final Fantasy IV. It is the first boss of the game.


Easy Type

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Mist Dragon's regular physical attack deals around 20 - 25 points of damage. It can dissolve into mist, nullifying all attacks against it. If attacked in the mist form it will use Cold Mist, which deals just enough damage to either kill both Cecil and Kain, or reduce them to low enough HP to finish them off.

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The Mist Dragon is an easy boss. Cecil should use normal attacks, or Darkness, and Kain should use Jump. The dragon will use mostly physical attacks, and after losing some HP, it will dissolve into a cloud of mist. At this point the party should use Defend or just wait. When the dragon reforms, the party should continue the battle plan until the dragon vanishes into the ground.

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FFRK Mist Dragon FFIV
The Mist Dragon turns into its mist form every few turns. If you hit it while it's in mist form, it will strike back with a powerful counterattack, kupo! So wait till it changes back before attacking!
—Dr. Mog's Advice

Mist Dragon appears as the boss of Mist Cave in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


Normal form

  • Attack: Deal physical damage to one target.

Mist form

  • Atack: Deal physical damage and Blind one target.
  • Freezing Mist: Deal moderate ice damage to all targets.
Additional Information
  • In its Normal form, Mist Dragon enters its Mist form after a certain number of turns.
  • In its Mist form, Mist Dragon returns to its Normal form after a certain number of turns.
Element Vulnerability
Fire Normal
Ice Normal
Lightning Normal
Earth Resist
Wind Normal
Water Normal
Holy Absorb
Dark Vulnerable
Poison Normal

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