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Mist is a command option in Final Fantasy XII. It is unlocked whenever the player has obtained a license for an Esper or a Quickening on the License Board. Both commands require the use of a—or multiple—Mist gauges, which consumes MP in the original Final Fantasy XII, but consumes its own Mist charges in the IZJS version.

When the player selects Mist, it will open a submenu containing the option "Summon" and "Quickening". Even if the player is inflicted with the status Silence, these menus will not be disabled. However, if they are inflicted with Disable or Confuse they will be.




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Summon allows the summoning of an Esper in battle, where level 3 Espers use up three Mist gauges and level 1 Espers only use up a single gauge. It is instantaneous, and upon use, two other party members disappear. They cannot trigger traps, have the same level as their summoner but a fixed Attack, Defense and Magick Resist, cannot combo attacks or deal critical hits, and can use Magicks without using up MP. They last until the Esper uses its ultimate move, or either one minute thirty seconds in the original or four minutes and ten seconds in IZJS. Espers work like guests; they cannot be controlled and follow their own gambits in the original, but can be controlled in the IZJS version.


Ashe Maelstrom's Bolt


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Quickening is the equivalent of a Limit Break. It involves real-time input of button commands, and fast reflexes are required to chain together multiple characters' attacks before the timer expires, meaning potentially multiple characters can use multiple Quickenings that can deal huge amounts of damage. Similar to Espers, Quickenings require multiple Mist Charges to use (though it is possible to gain a Mist Charge during the Quickenings if the right input is used), and although using several characters' Quickenings at once can deal high damage, it can also potentially deplete all characters' MP at once (in the original, this is less of a problem in the IZJS release).

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