The cadets arrive in Amiter.

The Amiter Resistance (アミター制圧戦, Amitā Seiatsusen?) is an Expert Trial of Chapter 7 in Final Fantasy Type-0 directed against the Kingdom of Concordia. It takes place on Sil. XXVII, its initial mission level is 51 and the number of participants is limited to six.

Briefing Edit

Concordia surrenders to Rubrum, but a faction of the Concordian military refuses to accept the decision and instead continues fighting. Troops rally in the town of Amiter, calling out for resistance to the bitter end. Class Zero must send a squad of six to the Dragon Sanctuary to occupy the town of Amiter.
—Mission Briefing

The mission Edit

S-rank requirements Edit

Time: 02:30
Phantoma: 18
Casualties: 0

Rewards Edit

  • Completing the mission on Officer difficulty unlocks the spell Aloud.
  • Completing the mission on Agito difficulty unlocks the Thunderbolt Armlet at the Armory shop.
  • Completing the mission on Finis difficulty unlocks the Armlet of Ramuh at the Armory shop.

Strategy Edit

The cadets must head to Amiter in Dragon Sanctuary area to begin the trial. To get there, the cadets need the airship Setzer.

In each area bar the final one there is a special order to defeat one of the enemies, and doing so yields an accessory of some kind. The player must be quick if they want an S-rank on this mission.


Behemash in Amiter.

The first area has a lone Behemash in a small open area. It charges at cadets if they are further away, and does a tail spin if the cadets attack from behind, so the player should be ready to dodge. There are Breaksight strike chances after most of its attacks. Defeating the Behemash is a SO that yields a Celestial Armlet.

The next area has three Dracoknights and a Snowsquatch. Defeating the Snowsquatch is an SO that yields a Arctic Armlet.

The third area has Petrifeyes and a little further in there is a Wingvern. Defeating the Wingvern is an SO that yields a Mythril Bracelet. If the player downs the Wingvern with a Breaksight strike when it is not above a walkway, it will drop and disappear from the map and the SO cannot be completed and its phantoma cannot be harvested.

The fourth area has a Diepvern a little way in accompanied by a couple Gateau Shockalots. Defeating the Diepvern is an SO that unlocks Death magic.

The fifth area has a Skyvern and some Demonicorns. If playing as a ranged cadet it is best to focus on the Skyvern first. Defeating the Skyvern is an SO that yields a Blaze Armlet. Again, if the Skyvern is downed with a Breaksight when it is not above a walkway it will drop off the map and the SO cannot be completed.


Brontovern breathes ice.

In the sixth and last area the cadets face a Brontovern, the same kind of enemy as the Diepvern but this one is a commanding officer (Gouten) flanked by Pyronades and Cryonades. Defeating the Brontovern completes the trial.

Rubicus Edit

Sil. XXVII – The Amiter Resistance

Its capital city captured by the dominion, the Kingdom of Concordia had no choice but to concede defeat. One faction of the royal army, however, refused to surrender. Dracoknights rallied to the town of Amiter in the Dragon Sanctuary, vowing never to kneel before the Vermilion Bird.

Seeing as the empire had not yet capitulated, Dominion Central Command feared that anti-dominion sentiment might spread to neighboring cities and negatively affect its campaign. Thus, they dispatched a cadet task force to Amiter. The cadets stormed the town, squashing the resistance movement and securing the town in a single day.