Where's Tobli?Edit

Find Tobli and enlist his help in producing Yuna's concert!

Concert Clean-UpEdit

A fiend has crawled out from beneath the earth. Exterminate it so concertgoers can listen to your song without any distractions!

  • Objective: Defeat the boss fiend.
  • Unlock: Becomes available after Where's Tobli Mission.
  • Reward: Black Ring
  • Location: Thunder Plains

Non Compulsory MissionsEdit

Chapter 4 limits the party to the Celsius as Yuna prepares for her concert on the Thunder Plains. However, the party can still interact with other characters via Shinra's CommSphere network, the amount of times the player uses the network affects later events.

For example, speaking to Dona on Kilika allows for Episode Complete on the Island in Chapter 5 and speaking to Isaaru in the Zanarkand Ruins ensures Episode Complete in Bevelle.