FFX-2 Mission Complete

The "Mission Complete!" screen displayed upon completion of a mission.

Missions are both optional and compulsory quests that can be undertaken in Final Fantasy X-2. New missions become available as the player progresses in the game. They can be accessed in many different ways, such as by speaking to characters and arriving at a location via the Celsius or on foot.

As the player progresses in the missions, new ones become available. Missions give various exclusive Garment Grids, accessories, and items that cannot be obtained in any other way, including dresspheres. The most powerful enemies can be found in the later missions. Several characters, such as Lulu and Wakka, make cameo appearances.

Below is a list of all the Missions in Final Fantasy X-2, organized by Chapter:

  1. Chapter One
  2. Chapter Two
  3. Chapter Three
  4. Chapter Four
  5. Chapter Five

Musical themesEdit

"Mission Start" (ミッションスタート, Misshon Sutāto?) plays during YRP's first official mission atop Mt. Gagazet.

"Mission Complete"
FFX-2 Yuna's theme
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"Mission Complete" (ミッションコンプリート, Misshon Konpurīto?) plays when the player clears a mission. It also serves as a Victory Fanfare of the game.


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