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Miscellany (すっぴん技, Suppin waza?, lit. Plain skills), is a skillset in Bravely Second: End Layer. It is usable by the Freelancer, and incorporates a variety of supportive command abilities.

List of abilitiesEdit

Ability Level Cost Description
Examine 1 Display enemy information, including HP, elemental weakness and family. Once you have examined a certain enemy, move the Circle Pad left at any time to view the information again.
Halfsies 2 8 MP Use a single-target consumable item on all party members at 50% of its usual potency.
*Select this skill, then the item you wish to use.
*Certain items will not have their potency reduced.
Square One 9 Cancel the support effects regen, stop, and reraise, as well as those that nullify status ailments, raise/lower stats, abate/nullify elements or make targets weaker to them.
[All combatants]
Mimic 10 Perform the same action as the previous one, whether it was your own or an ally's. No HP, MP, BP, pg, or items will be consumed.