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Moogle Dance

MiniMog (コモーグリ, Komōguri?, lit. young moogle) is a pseudo-Guardian Force, summoned with the command "MiniMog" learned by any GF through the item called Mog's Amulet, received from the PocketStation game Chocobo World.



When summoned, MiniMog performs Moogle Dance (モーグリダンス, Mōguri Dansu?), which restores about 1,500 HP to all GFs junctioned. This is the only way a player can heal GFs during a battle.

Once Balamb Garden becomes mobile the party can visit a Chocobo Forest, find the chocobo mother, and the hidden treasure for that forest to unlock Boko and Chocobo World. The player must play Chocobo World until encountering MiniMog in a random event. He can take a long time to find, but he will join Boko's party as either a fighter or a sleeper. The player should transfer Boko, MiniMog, and an A Rank item received from a Cactuar over to Final Fantasy VIII. With luck, it will be Mog's Amulet. The player can use Mog's Amulet on any GF to learn the MiniMog command, which takes up a slot on a character's command list. Boko and MiniMog must currently be in the Final Fantasy VIII world and not Chocobo World to summon him via the MiniMog command. A message stating that MiniMog is not here, means he is in Chocobo World and must be transferred over.

Triple TriadEdit

MiniMog Card
TTMiniMog Element none
Refine 1 refines into 100 Pet Houses
Drop n/a
Card n/a
Level 8 (GF Card) Win The running boy within Balamb Garden.

Other appearancesEdit

Chocobo WorldEdit


MiniMog can appear in a random Chocobo World event and joins the party. MiniMog is the adventurous friend of Boko, the chicobo. The game's primary quest is to find MiniMog, who has gone missing during his latest adventure. After discovering MiniMog, the player will be able to obtain Mog's Amulet, allowing MiniMog to be summoned in Final Fantasy VIII if certain conditions are met.


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