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Minfilia NPC Render
You have a rare and special gift, and it is that gift that has led you here to us.

Minfilia (ミンフィリア, Minfiria?) is a prominent non-player character in the main story lines of both Final Fantasy XIV and A Realm Reborn. She was once the leader of the Path of the Twelve, an organization of people touched by the Echo, and offered walkers of the Path guidance in learning to utilize the Echo to bring about peace. She first appears in Ul'dah's main storyline as Ascilia, daughter of Warburton.[1]

In the A Realm Reborn re-release, the Path of the Twelve has merged with the Circle of Knowing to form the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, with Minfilia at the head.



Minfilia is a Midlander Hyur who keeps her blonde hair in a ponytail with long bangs hanging down the sides of her face.

In the original Final Fantasy XIV, she wore a pink half-top, brown culottes, and fingerless gloves. As she was never seen in battle, she was able todress more casually than most of the major characters in the game.

In A Realm Reborn, Minfilia wears a midriff-less dress, and her attire is much more decorated than her casual attire from the original release. During a trip to the snowy Coerthas, she wore a purple highlander coat instead.


Look to those who've walked before to lead those who walk after.
Minfilia ARR

Minfilia's portrait from A Realm Reborn.

In the original Final Fantasy XIV, Minfilia's official title was "Acting Antecedent" of the Path of the Twelve. Antecedent is a synonym for "predecessor", which implied that she was simply someone with the Echo who came before others, including the Adventurer, and guides them with the wisdom of seniority. Though wise and diplomatically savvy, she was often undermined by her would-be followers in the Path of the Twelve, including the Adventurer's Path Companion. This showed a complete lack of formality within the Path of the Twelve, as well as fairly shaky leadership on her part, no matter how sound her ideals may have seemed. Her controversial wish to see the five races join forces with the Beast Tribes against Garlemald was never realized.

Five years following the Calamity, during A Realm Reborn Minfilia is shown much more respect as the leader of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, particularly by her peers in the Circle of Knowing. She is much more cheerful now that she needn't keep the organization a secret, although she is not aloof to the gravity of the growing conflict. Minfilia is warm and welcoming to the Adventurer upon meeting.


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Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Ascilila Profile

Ascilia as young girl.

Minfilia is first met in the opening of the Ul'dah storyline in the opening as Ascilia where she is handed a basket of flower by F'lhaminn after the commotion she is almost trampled by a rampaging Goobbue until her father Warburton saves her life and later falls into a coma from his injuries. Desperate to find out who was responsible, she eventually confronted the man who set the goobbue free a thaumaturge named Corguevais but finds no solace in their meeting. Warburton perishes from his injuries and from then on Ascilia is taken in by F'lhaminn, eventually however this peace is shattered when she learns that her new adopted mother was part of the same group that had set the goobbue that killed Warburton free.

Allying herself with the necromancer Niellefresne she attempted to find a way to bring her father back from the dead but this plan eventually failed after Niellefresne was killed by a mysterious robed man.

The Adventurer met Minfilia when the Main Scenario converged on Ul'dah. Upon learning of the Adventurer's ability to use the Echo, Minfilia offers him/her to join the Path in working behind the scenes to use this rare talent for peace.

After joining the Path and choosing a Path Companion, a few of the Adventurer's missions were given by Minfilia, including an investigation into Garlean activities in the home of the Syphs in Black Shroud and a dispatch to Gridania to meet with the Ashcrown Consortium.

Minfilia Legacy

Minfilia talking to the Adventurer.

During the quest "Forever Taken", it came to the Path's attention that the Garlean Empire had labeled Eorzea's indigenous Beast Tribes as the enemies of Eorzea, for they mean to summon their "Eikons" to defy all invaders, including the three city-states. Because walkers of the Path can use the Echo to communicate with the beastmen, they were branded as heathens. Sparking controversy within the Path itself, she implores the walkers to agree to an alliance with the beast tribes to combat Garlemald.

The majority of the Path responds negatively, fearing that cooperation with Beast Tribes would ensure they would be cast out of society regardless of Garlemald's declaration. The Adventurer and their Path Companion are among the few who follow her in this radical endeavor, although attempts to sway the Amalj'aa, and their Eikon, Ifrit, ended in failure.

After a battle between an Ala Mhigan resistance and the Empire ended poorly during the quest "Future's Perfect", she used it as a reminder to the Adventuer that Garlemald is simply too powerful for any one City-state, and that an alliance with the Beast Tribes is their only chance.

Minfilia then somewhat abruptly exited the story at this point, as the Seventh Umbral Era plotline began to take precedence to set up A Realm Reborn. The Tales from the Calamity series, posted on the Final Fantasy XIV Anniversary site, revealed that she had met Louisoix Leveilleur shortly before the Battle of Carteneau. He warned that if he does not return, she must be prepared to lead others in his stead, and to await "one who bears the light" and shares her gift of the Echo. His staff, the Tupsimati, was later recovered by Kan-E-Senna and would be kept by Minfilia in her solar.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornEdit

Minfilia hostage

Minfilia in Castrum Centri.

After the Calamity, the Grand Companies of Eorzea retained their alliance, though their efforts were spent nigh wholly on rebuilding. The Path of the Twelve and the Circle of Knowing found common ground and merged to become the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, an organization of heroes left with the arduous task of beating back the Primals and filling any gaps in the forces fighting the Empire. Though they work closely with the Grand Companies in the latter effort, they defy the Primals alone.

The Adventurer (either newly created or a Warrior of Light) is directed to the Waking Sands, the Scions' headquarters, by its members upon exhibiting clear signs of the Echo. Because Minfilia herself is blessed with the Echo, she is the first in the game to recognize the Warrior of Light (The Adventurers who was saved by Louisoix) while all other NPCs had forgotten their names and faces. She explains that Louisoix's spell is the cause of everyone's wiped memories of the survivors, information she also likely gained through the Echo.

Minfilia directs the Adventurer on a number of missions as a Scion of the Seventh Dawn, sending them to slay Primals as well as keep the peace. But shortly after Titan is slain, the Waking Sands is raided by a Garlean strike team led by Livia sas Junius, intent on capturing Minfilia and other Scions to study the Echo. Despite surrendering, Livia went back on her word and killed the remaining personnel. Minfilia, Papalymo, Tataru, and Urianger would be taken to Castrum Centri.

After Minfilia proved uncooperative, Livia eventually planned to transfer them to Castrum Meridianum. As the Garleans readied them for transport, Minfilia warned she would take her own life if any of her friends were harmed. Soon after, the Adventurer and remaining Scions rescue them and escaped the stronghold in Cid's Enterprise. With Gaius van Baelsar's ultimatum issued forth, Minfilia convinces the leaders of Eorzea's city-states to reject it and plan a counter-attack to destroy the weapon.

A Realm AwokenEdit

Minfilia New Room

Minfilia in the Scions' new office in Revenant's Toll.

After the destruction of the Ultima Weapon, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn became too public to remain effectively neutral while headquartered near Ul'dah. Alphinaud suggested they relocate to Revenant's Toll in Mor Dhona, as it is outside the jurisdiction of any city-state. During this time, the Adventurer tracks down F'lhaminn, who reunites with her foster daughter and stays with the Scions at their new headquarters.

As Minfilia packed up the Tupsimati in preparation to move, a mysterious voice commented how he regretted never met the Archon Louisoix before his death. To her shock, a white-robed Ascian stood before her in the solar. He showed interest in how she and the others have become skilled in "the gift," and that understanding the true nature of the Echo could eliminate the conflict between their people. As he turned to leave, Minfilia rushed after him, resulting in him stunning her with dark energy. She dispatches the Adventurer to track him down, where he introduces himself as Elidibus and restated his belief that the Echo is a gift, whether the Adventurer trusts him or not.

As they settle in their new headquarters, Urianger reveals troubling news: the Isle of Val in Dravania and their associates in the Students of Baldesion have seemingly disappeared.

Through the MaelstromEdit

Minfilia Through the Maelstrom

Minfilia witnesses the arrival of Leviathan.

After Yugiri's request for aid is turned down by the Syndicate, Minfilia agrees to provide asylum for her and the Doman refugees in Mor Dhona. Out of gratitude, the far eastern woman joins the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and accompanies the investigation into Leviathan's summoning.

Unlike in other circumstances, Minfilia insists on accompanying the other Scions to the Sapsa Spawning Grounds, in hopes of understanding what Elidibus meant by "the true nature of the Echo." During the ritual, they observe a Sahagin priest utilizing an advanced form of the Echo, where he escapes death from Admiral Merlwyb's gunshot by transferring his essence into fellow sahagin. However, as the Primal Leviathan emerges from the waters, his form begins to dissipate and is absorbed by the Lord of the Whorl.

Defenders of EorzeaEdit

Minfilia Krile Alive

Minfilia heard a good news about Krile.

After the defeat of Ramuh, Minfilia and Urianger outline a theory on how the immortal Ascians might be permanently slain by trapping them in the material world.

Around this time, she learns that her friend Krile of the Students of Baldesion is still alive, though in unknown condition. She also gives Alphinaud her blessing to create the Scions new Grand Company, the Crystal Braves.

Dreams of IceEdit

Minfilia asks the Adventurer to aid Alphinaud in managing the Crystal Braves, which is still somewhat undermanned. When Ser Aymeric requests an audience, she gives the go ahead for them to meet with him at Camp Dragonhead. She personally arrives in Coerthas once the danger of Lady Iceheart becomes clear and researches into the history of Saint Shiva, though the histories are largely contradicting and uncertain. With Iceheart somehow cutting off pursuit at the Aetheryte in Snowcloak, Minfilia summons an expert on teleportation from Sharlayan named Moenbryda for assistance.

With Moenbryda's white auracite successfully enabling pursuit to the Akh Afah Amphitheatre and defeating Shiva, the Scions realize this may be the key they need to combating the Ascian threat.


In A Realm Reborn, Minfilia is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in the Japanese version, and by Amy Bolton in the English version.


Triple TriadEdit

Minfilia Card
FFXIV TT Minfilia
Card No. 56
Totaltotal stats of the card 25
Type Scion
Description "No doubt you're ripe to burst with questions, but have patience-all will be revealed in time."
Obtain Won from Gegeruju, Eastern Las Noscea (35,30).
Random from Silver Triad Card.

Other AppearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

PFF Minfilia

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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Minfilia appears as an ally and a summonable Legend in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Minfilia TCG

Minfilia appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with an Earth-elemental card.

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  • Minfilia would be proven both right and wrong about the Empire's might in a different story arc. The combined forces of all three City-States are enough to pose a threat to the Imperial Stronghold of Castrum Novum. However, a mere party of eight capable adventurers is more than enough to infiltrate their stronghold and destroy the Lunar Transmitter it was built to protect. This can be accomplished with absolutely no help from the beast tribes.
  • In A Realm Reborn, Minfilia's original goal of uniting Beast Tribes would be partially achieved by the Adventurer participating in all the Beast Tribe quests added in various patches. However, this alliance would not be against Garlemald, but rather an unscrupulous and sinister merchant in Ul'dah.
  • Perhaps due to having matured five years, Minfilia's increased bust size is one of the most notable changes to her in-game render. Her bust also surpassed the maximum size the players can have with their female Midlander Hyur characters.
  • Minfilia shares her Japanese voice actress with Sice from Final Fantasy Type-0.
  • The Rising Vendor during the first anniversary of A Realm Reborn event "The Rising" was as woman who resembled 1.0 Minfilia. A Wind-up Minfilia minion is among her wares.


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