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BS Minette Napkatti

Minette Napkatti.

Minette Napkatti (ミネット・ゴロネーゼ, Minetto Goronēze?) is a non-player character in Bravely Second: End Layer. She is an Imperial soldier who refers to herself as the "King of Cats" and is the holder of the Catmancer asterisk.[1]



Minette is a 17-year old girl with short blonde hair with a black cat-ear headband and blue eyes. She wears a white tank top and black shorts with white stripes on the side and a pink cat-shaped belt buckle. She wears a small gold bell and pink bow around her neck. She wears black boots with red and white folds at the top and grey socks. She also wears a cat-shaped cape/costume with both of her hands in the sleeves. The cape/costume is white with a brown patch around its nose and large blue eyes. It has a small gold crown on its head and a pink bow on its tail.


Minette is young girl with rather peculiar quirks, behaving similarly to cats. She mixes the word "meow" with other words in her sentences (e.g. Meowsterisk). She also has a short attention span, seeking to help the kaiser because he treats her well.

She is deeply loyal to her master as she used every ounce of strength left to prevent Yew and the party from following Janne, despite her imminent demise. She is a bit simple-minded, as she sought the compass despite not knowing what the kaiser's intention was, simply believing that it was important because he said it was.

She believes cats to be best creatures in the world, and can communicate and see through them. She also refers to herself in third person.


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Years prior, Minette's mother was a scientist working with Professor Norzen to try to combat the Great Plague that befell Luxendarc. Her mother had realized that only cats were unaffected by the disease and created antibodies by injecting her daughter with cat blood. This resulted with Minette manifest feline traits, befriending cats out of loneliness after her mother died. Sometime later, Minette is found by Kaiser Oblivion who invited her to join the Glanz Empire as an assassin with the promise of a family and a new future.

After Janne Balestra and Nikolai Nikolanikov were defeated at Eternian Central Command, the Kaiser gives Minette the task to deal with Yew Geneolgia's group in the Harena Region. Minette first makes her attempt by turning Nobutsuna Kamiizumi's pet cat Tsubaki on them. She later appears at Al-Khampis, assassinating Norzen when he tells Yew's group the location of the Compass of Space and Time to be in the Harena Sea Caves. Reporting her discovery to the Kaiser, he loans Minette his pet lion Bismark to retrieve the compass and kill Yew's group. But in the end, Minette ends up being fatally wounded and live long enough to hand the compass to Janne.

After the events in Chapter 5, the timeline altered so she would not have to die, Minette is convinced by Tsubaki that humans aren't all bad and is invited to be part of Kamiizumi's family along with Bismark. She accepts after being told she would be able to take catnaps whenever she wants, and that she won't be abandoned again.

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Minette can be a difficult opponent to overcome if not prepared. She fights with her lion Bismarck and the two can inflict serious damage. Minette spends most of the battle using Catnap which will put the party to Sleep on a regular basis while Bismarck inflicts damage freely. This results in a deadly combo, since Minette is quite fast and can easily use Catnap before the player can even act, therefore it is recommended to use accessories that prevent Sleep.

With this Minette will waste turns, although the player should not be overconfident for Bismarck is a heavy-hitter and can use Dual Attack to hit the party at random for 2 attacks, which can be fatal if they strike the same target. Minette can strike pretty hard with her own physical attacks and Sonic Beam which ignores defense.

The player should defeat Bismarck first since he hits harder and has less HP. Having a member that can apply Astrology is of great help as applying Physical Boon will augment the offensive greatly. A well-leveled Fencer can inflict serious damage by switching between Wolf Fang and Goring Aurochs. Lastly, a character with Holy Magic should be available. Since Holy Magic heals for fixed amounts it is not needed for it to be a Bishop itself, thus reducing the amount of damage received by physical attacks.

Creation and developmentEdit

Minette was designed by Atsushi Okubo, the author of the Square Enix-published manga Soul Eater.[2]


Minette is voiced by Hisako Kanemoto in the Japanese version and Sandy Fox in the English version.

Other appearancesEdit

Bravely Default: Praying BrageEdit

Minette appears as an obtainable unit.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

Million ArthurEdit

MA Minnete

Minette appears as an obtainable card.

Other mediaEdit


LINE Minette Sticker

Minette appears on a sticker set for the LINE communications app. The sticker set she appears in is titled "Bravely Stickers - Volume 1".[3]



Minette is a term used in French to call a female "kitten".

Her surname Napkatti is a play on "Catnap". In Japanese, "Goroneze" is a play on the term for "dozing" or "napping" (転寝, Gorone?).