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The Mine on the world map.

The Mine (はいこう, Haikō?) is a location from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Located west of Fireburg, it is full of monsters. The Mine is full of hills and caverns connected by weighted buckets and conveyor belts, so navigating it can be difficult. Benjamin and Reuben journey through the mine in order to hit a boulder with a Mega Grenade, so that Reuben's father can return home. To reach the boulder, the pair must defeat a Jinn. After defeating it, they gain access to an area overlooking the boulder, allowing them to dislodge it.

Treasure Edit

  • 6x Heal Potion
  • 6x Cure Potion
  • 30x Explosives
  • Charm Claw

Enemies Edit

Gallery Edit

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